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couple having sex with eyes closed
Love Buzz

The Sex You Should Have Before Settling Down

I’m sick of all these so-called relationship experts telling ladies the way to snag a man is to keep it in your pants, er, skirt. Listen, you big mouth prisses, not only am I too old to be a virgin, but I sure as hell am glad I’m not! Holding out for some kind of commitment only makes a gal think her vag is her primary value, not herself. Lame! And, frankly, even my mother, a proper lady who wears pantyhose in Florida, agrees you have to test-drive some cars before you know which one you wanna buy, if you know what she means. Especially before you settle down, you have to get around and at least experience these 12 kinds of sex.

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Celebrity Love

6 Guys Who Should Date Snooki

Following in the footsteps of Ray-J, Bret Michaels, and our esteemed "Bachelors," Snooki will soon be stepping out with her own reality dating show for MTV. Since it's only a matter of time until this sure-to-be masterpiece hits the airwaves, we thought we'd help the casting directors out with some smash-worthy suggestions for our Guido-lovin' gal.

Jon Hamm
Celebrity Love

The Emmy's 9 Best-Looking Men

While the fashion critics will no doubt be picking apart the red carpet looks of the Emmy ladies this morning, we thought we’d turn our attention to the gorgeous crew of Emmy men. After all, seeing your favorite heart-throb dressed up in a suit or tux, just makes it that much easier to imagine them walking down the aisle to marry you in your dreams, doesn’t it?

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy
Celebrity Love

9 Best Emmy-Night Couples

Although there were many great pairs at the 2010 Emmys, we only have nine places on our list of Best Emmy-Night Couples. It's too bad that January Jones and Jason Sudeikis didn't make the cut. We know that everyone was anticipating their official "coming out" as a couple on Emmy night, but we couldn't concentrate on them because January's fugger-than-fug dress took all the focus away from her adorable date.

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Love Buzz

4 Things To Know About New Contraceptive Ella

In mid-August, a brand spanking new 5-day contraceptive pill called ella was passed by the FDA. Proven to prevent pregnancy for up to five days after unprotected sex, Europeans have enjoyed the drug since May 2009 and us Americans will be able to purchase it later this year. So what exactly is ella, and should we all stock up?

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Weird Beauty Trend: Bleaching Your... Everything?

There are several new-ish trends that women are engaging in to make themselves appear a little more "California." Some of these trends you know about. Some of these trends you'll never see until a gal is nude. The fix is in: some women will try anything to look a little younger.

Holly Madison, Hugh Hefner and Bridget Marquardt
Celebrity Love

10 Sex Tapes We Never Want To See

On the heels of recent news that sex tapes featuring Heidi Montag and Fantasia Barrino could soon be for sale, we've put together a list of the sex tapes we never want to see...whether they be real, rumored or just disgusting figments of our imagination.

Patrick Dempsey
Celebrity Love

6 Celebs Who Got Hotter With Age

While there are some sad cases of the badly aged, celebrities tend to hold onto their looks—and whether that's a result of good genes, great skin regimens or surgical intervention is a debate for another time. Plenty of aging stars "still have it" and some look nearly as good as they did back in the day. But what about those freaks of nature who actually look better than when they were fresh-faced and just starting out in the biz? They deserve a here are six who top our list.

christina hendricks mad men joan holloway
Love Buzz

10 Timeless Love Quotes From Mad Men

Over the course of 4 seasons, the characters of Mad Men have had their fair share of romantic drama—and they've given us some great quotes about love along the way. We admit that a lot has changed since the smoke-filled 1960's (we would never pour a glass of whiskey at a business meeting or be able to pull of any of Joan Holloway's outfits). But matters of the heart never seem to change. We love these 10 quotes from the always-clever Mad Men... after all, nobody says it better than the wordsmiths of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

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Love Buzz

10 Things Women Do That Men Really, Really Love

Oh, hey, Lemondrop readers. I'm writing to you from the Mariana Trench–level depths of a reasonably significant hangover. The reason I tell you this is because I think I have some helpful information for those of you out there who also like to take a drink now again: The best way to combat a particularly rough day after is to Think Positively.

Salma Hayek and Kate Beckinsale
Celebrity Love

10 Hottest Female Vampires

Since we received such a great response to last week's 10 Hottest Male Vampires list, we thought we ought to even things out by recognizing the 10 Hottest Female Vampires. We wouldn't want our unfair treatment of these bloodsucking babes to come back and, uh, bite us.

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Love Mom

Twitter Top 10: Who To Follow for Parenting Advice

Our sister blog—Love Buzz—previously ran a number of Twitter Top 10 lists. Those lists told you who to follow for sex advice, dating advice and more. They cut out the riffraff and presented you with the awesome. Well. We thought it was about time that, here at LoveMom, we shared the goods on the coolest moms and dads on Twitter. Because—when it comes to parenting—we could all use someone to reach out to every once in awhile, even if it's only virtually.

Alexander Skarsgard and Ian Somerhalder are two of the hottest male vampires
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10 Hottest Male Vampires

Since the vampire craze shows no signs of slowing down (theaters are packed with Eclipse fans, while TV's True Blood and Vampire Diaries were both recently renewed), we've decided to pay tribute to some of our favorite vamps from the big and small screens. Here now are 10 guys we'd let suck our blood any day—er, night.

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The 9 Worst Retail Chains For A Wedding

As you're probably aware, a number of kooky couples have recently thrown their weddings in retail locations or restaurant chains. Wal-Mart held a contest. A couple did it themselves in a Home Depot. And Taco Bell and TJ Maxx also made the list. But there are worse (and in some ways even awesomer) places to get hitched.