engagement ring
Why hasn't he proposed yet?
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Love Bytes: 5 Reasons He Hasn't Proposed... Yet (Be Optimistic!)

Five reasons he's not proposing. Nine ways to strengthen your relationship. Why (why NOT?) Don Draper would make a bad boyfriend. Can bad sex be fixed? How do you get rid of his crazy ex-girlfriend? Are you starting fights just for attention? 25 grand first-date ideas. Plus, how to support your parents during their divorce.

mad men January Jones
January Jones in "Mad Men."
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Love Bytes: Love Lessons From 'Mad Men'

Some women like some chivalry some of the time: examples. Some Republicans are okay with birth control. Why do married fellas like porn? Can guys really have multiple orgasms? His favorite sexual position is a bit of a surprise. Stop falling into the same old dating patterns. Don't let intrusive newlywed questions get you down. $10 spring date plans. And, what can 'Mad Men' teach us about love?

Love Bytes: Science Says You're Using Condoms Wrong
This couple is about to use a condom wrong.
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Love Bytes: Science Says You're Using Condoms Wrong

Science says most of us use condoms wrong. Helen Fisher is the coolest! How to avoid Mr. Wrong. She's faking it because she's making too much noise. How to spot an online dating liar. Do not make these 5 sex mistakes. Do try these 12 kinds of sex before you quit being wild. Don't take a person to church for the first date... just don't. Stop telling yourselves these lies, ladies. What not to say to a friend getting a divorce.

The 69 position is tricky but fun if done right...
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Love Bytes: How Do You Feel About "69?"

If you cheat once, are you always going to be a cheater? Do you know about CheaterVille? Isn't posting naked pics of your ex really mean? What 'The Bachelor' can teach us about dating. The male version of V-Day is something... interesting. Feelings aren't crazy, unless they are. An affair with a professor. How to get a baby inside you: FAST. And, the 69 position: Yay or nay?

woman thinking
Hmm... What qualities am I looking for in a man?
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Love Bytes: 50 Things Women Want In A Man

50 things women want in a man. When fake fights go bad. You disagree about kids, family, and marriage; now what? Looking at porn on a plane. Why some women like emotionally unavailable men. And, why abortion was the best decision one woman ever made.

snl lindsay lohan, lindsay lohan saturday night live
The Real Housewives of... Disney!
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Love Bytes: Lindsay Lohan on SNL, Breakfast For Dinner & More

A comprehensive guide to online dating. Going without self-gratification for a whole month. How do you find a kinky partner? How do you know if he's the one? Five ways to get him to communicate. How to send a nudie picture the right way. Try going on a breakfast-for-dinner date. Interracial dating.

yo-yo dating
Start dating someone new, dorks!
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What Guys Think Links: Yo-Yo Dating Doesn't Work

Texas inmates have been getting their fill of porn. Why yo-yo dating doesn't work. What do you do if you're in love with someone whose gender identity is just not compatible with yours? What happens if he has lots of attractive female friends? One-night stands aren't that bad, y'all. Only jerks think that only jerks get laid. The best songs for sexing! And, a novel approach to meeting someone cool:l Talk to them.

sad blogger
She's single and ready to blog.
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Love Bytes: Why Are Dating Bloggers All Single?

Why are relationship bloggers all single? What's up with yoga sex scandals? What do women who sext have in common? Women wish guys knew a thing or ten about their bodies. Make a good plan for your date or else. Are college students off condoms? Canada wants women to wear wedding rings. The best movie sex scenes of 2011. Why (and why not) marry a cheesemonger. How do we fix friendships?

the artist oscars michel hazanavicius berenice bejo jean dujardin
"The Artist": Michel Hazanavicius, Berenice Bejo and Jean Dujardin.
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Love Bytes: Oscars, Dating & Gay Weddings, Oh My!

What does your favorite Oscar movie say about you? How do you land an honest-to-goodness prince? She's gonna let him hook up with other chicks. What does faithfulness really mean? Are you dating the opposite of your type? Maybe you should. Gay weddings have different etiquette than straight ones. Online dating may not be as efficient as we once thought. What you need to know about "peacocking." Don't over-text him, for real. What about missed connections is so fascinating?

sad breakup gingerbread
Your green frosting just wasn't doing it for her.
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Love Bytes: Why You REALLY Broke Up

Why we say we broke up and why we really broke up. 10 studies that will make you rethink relationships. How do you go about getting in touch after a great first date? Should you defriend your son's ex? Let's get back to dating basics. Is "in a relationship" really a good idea on Facebook? S**t men and women say when they go to the club. The porn industry might leave L.A. because they don't want to use condoms. How do single parents start dating again? The real truth about singles in America.

Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers on SNL
Really?! Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers on SNL.
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Love Bytes: Really?! Birth Control Argument Hits SNL

What shouldn't you eat on a first date? First-date karaoke: Do or don't? What if your gynecologist sold you sex toys? Most women wouldn't cheat... except with an ex. No one should have access to birth control? Really?! Sex addiction, real or fake? Did Bill Clinton shut off his sexuality? How to flirt on Twitter. How to send a picture of your parts to someone. Five reasons you're not having sex. Mixed marriages are on the up and up. How to end a relationship that's just treading water.

Keira Knightley
Small boobs are sexy. Just look at Keira Knightley!
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Love Bytes: 10 Reasons Why Small Breasts Are Awesome

How kids can teach you about love. Why small breasts are awesome. Are dudes into chicks that are unavailable? He proposes to her after getting a restraining order against her. Where is the line between improving him and "changing" him? Have you ever been caught hooking up outdoors? If you go vegan, you may get to have rough sex. Too much sexting these days, yo. Do dudes want to get married or no?

Valentine's Day candy hearts
Feeling inundated with all the Valentine's Day stuff out there?
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Our 10 Favorite Valentine's Day Links From Around The Web

Feeling inundated with info about the "most romantic day of the year" and wishing it were Feb. 15 already? Try being an editor for a website about love and relationships! Everybody in the world has something Valentine's Day-related to offer right now, and frankly, I've become more than a bit skeptical about all the hooplah.

valentine's day
Ready for Valentine's Day?
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Love Bytes: Last-Minute Valentine's Day Checklist

Need a last-minute Valentine's Day gift for your guy? Singles can have V-Day fun, too. What do people in new relationships do on V-Day? You should go all out in your relationships, for real. What he REALLY wants on Valentine's Day. A museum for the broken-hearted. Things to really love about Valentine's Day. Ten romantic gestures you can steal from the movies this V-Day. And, getting a humiliating Valentine's Day divorce.

downton abbey
The Dowager Countess has a thing or three to say about your love life.
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Love Bytes: S**t Girlfriends Say & Downton Abbey Love Lessons

What Downton Abbey can teach us about love. Sh*t Girlfriends Say. Falling asleep during conjugal relations. Would you let your boyfriend adopt you? How to stand by your man effectively (and with dignity). Why would your boyfriend ask about exes during sex? What can iconic romances teach us? What do American singles like least? Can you do Valentine's Day on the couch, by yourself and still be happy?

teenage couple
One-third of teenagers share passwords with their boyfriend/girlfriend.
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Love Bytes: 5 Better Ways To Show Intimacy Than Password-Sharing

How to express intimacy without silly things like password-sharing. Republicans and Democrats have a few peculiarities when it comes to dating. Does the G-Spot exist or not? What happens when your backup boyfriend dumps you? Why older ladies become ultra-close with other older ladies. Love is like being on drugs, serious drugs. The Catholic Church would prefer you paid for your own birth control, thankyouverymuch.

Nancy Brinker Susan G. Komen
Nancy Brinker explains why Susan G. Komen pulled away from Planned Parenthood.
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Love Bytes: What Happened, Susan G. Komen?

What's up with the split between Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood? Don't take all dating advice. Are you addicted to love with random people? Ten things not to say in bed. Is he really who he says he is? Bring your grandma on a first date, seriously. Is he going to cheat? More dating advice to forget. Why are some guys getting so muscular? Android users like to do it.