Life Coach: Healing An Unhappy Childhood To Be Happy Today
It's time to come to terms with your past experiences.
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Healing An Unhappy Childhood...For An Amazing Adulthood

There comes a time in your life when you must say goodbye to the baggage that belongs to your childhood. This is the time and our experts are here to help. Today marks the first day of our Heal Your Unhappy Childhood intensive and we've organized our life coaches and parenting & relationship experts to help you identify your issues and how to move on to a productive (and happy!) adulthood. Ready, set, GO!

How To Be Happy: Creating A Blissful Life
It really is that easy.
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The Simple Joy In Choosing To Be Happy

It may seem counter-intuitive, but allowing yourself to embrace "bad" feelings can actually bring you to your happy place. Check out life coach Jen Duchene's advice for how to be happy and start singing a brighter tune.

Love Yourself: Your #1 Relationship!
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Love Yourself: Your #1 Relationship!

Our Most Important Relationship is with Ourselves. You are magnificient and worth of love just as you are.  Our most important relationship is with ourselves. No one will love us more than we love ourselves. Sounds strange yet how could we let love in, if we don't first love ourselves. Self love is not loud and boastful. Self love is quiet and respectful - never boastful and always kind. Self love says that even though I am imperfect and have parts of myself that I wish were different I love and accept myself just as I am.

Life Coach: How To Be Supportive During Fertility Treatments
The disappointment is overwhelming.
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Can Failed Fertility Treatments Ruin Your Relationship?

The stress of fertility treatment can impact even the most stable marriage but what happens when the treatments don't work? Life coach Rhona Berens went through it and survived. In this post, she offers couples four tips on how to manage the fertility journey together with compassion, kindness and love.

Live Your Best Lesbian Life: Love & Gratitude
Looking for some love & life inspiration? You're in luck!
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Live Your Best Lesbian Life: It's All About Gratitude

The ho-hum of a daily routine can put a damper on your fabulous. Gay Girl Dating Coach Mary Malia understands — and she's here to boost your motivation. We caught up with Malia about her "Live Your Best Lesbian Life" telesummit to ask what advice she has for tapping into an attitude of gratitude. Click through to get all the feel-good secrets.

Life Coach: Embrace The Power Of Love
You deserve to feel this good. All the time.
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Hey, You: Love Is Your Birthright

Here's some amazing news: No matter what you've been told or what your past experience is, you deserve love. Yes, you! YourTango Expert Debra Smouse is here with the best virtual hug, ever. Read on for a jolt of insta-warm fuzzy.

Grief And Loss: Philip Seymour Hoffman
Mr. Hoffman's struggles seem familiar. Photo: imdb
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Mourning Philip Seymour Hoffman & Numbing Our Pain

The grief and loss of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has prompted us to consider the ways we deal with our biggest fears and insecurities. Whether you're battling addiction to drugs, alcohol, food, shopping or any other medium, ask yourself this difficult question: Are you numbing your experience to both the good and the bad?