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'Mean Girls' star Daniel Franzese, who played Damian
Daniel Franzese is enjoying his new, out, open life.
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Daniel Franzese Comes Out In A Letter To 'Mean Girls' Damian

Daniel Franzese played Damian in Mean Girls, who Janice infamously dubbed "too gay to function." In real life, Franzese was gay as well -- but he kept it a secret, going so far as to smooch a female date at the red carpet premiere of the now-classic flick. However, Franzese is coming out of the closet and coming clean with both himself and his character, Damian, about his sexuality. Franzese came out in the form of a moving letter to his out and proud Mean Girls onscreen alter ego.

Meet some of the vets banding together for marriage equality.
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Colorado Vets Stand Up For Marriage Equality In Touching New Ad

As the Oklahoma gay marriage ban continues to circle a Denver-based federal court,  the grassroots organization knows as Why Marriage Matters Colorado had a genius idea. They gathered together four friends, four veterans from all different branches of the military, and let them give their views on marriage equality. Watch this inspiring ad and let us know what you think in the comments.

Dallas Buyers Club
It's time to let the actors who best can play the role, play the role.
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Gender-Bending Hollywood: It's Time To Put The Boxing Gloves Down

Let's talk straight actors stealing all the gay roles, e.g. Jared Leto playing Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club (big clap for the Oscar winner), and gay actors stealing all the straight roles, e.g. Zachary Quinto playing Spock in Star Trek Into The Darkness. Where's the equality in all of this?

gay men on date
"Sometimes a guy says he's ready, but his track record says otherwise."
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5 Lies Gay Men Tell On First Dates!

It's a busy Friday night at one your favorite restaurants in the city and you could not be more nervous. The guy that you have been "phone dating" all week has finally made plans to meet you. Now, between the gym and the new outfit, you are ready for this guy to sweep you off your feet! This is going to be the most amazing night. And it almost is … until he arrives. (Insert record scratch here.)

gay pride flag
Say what? These CEOs need a reminder that all love is equal.
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Mozilla Fail: 5 Most Ridiculous Anti-Gay Comments From CEOs

It was just a matter of days after Brendan Eich stepped into his fancy new position as Mozilla CEO before OKCupid announced to their members that they were blocking Mozilla because of the homophobic values of the new CEO. Here are a few other CEOs, owners and presidents of high profile companies who have said some pretty ridiculous anti-gay comments.

As the song goes, all you need is love.
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Honey Maid's Response To Hate: The Best Thing You'll See All Day

When Honey Maid created an ad depicting gay couples with their children, among other families, for their "This is Wholesome" campaign, they did not anticipate the backlash that they were about to receive. But unlike the companies that have found themselves in similar situations, Honey Maid neither ran for the hills nor offered a public apology. Instead, the came up with the best response imaginable.

lesbian wedding, teddy bear
You may now take this teddy bear to be your wife.

On My Daughter's Imaginary Lesbian Wedding (To A Teddy Bear)

Like most fathers, I look forward to the day I'll see my little girl walk down the aisle. I just didn't expect it to happen on my living room carpet, on a day in which it was in desperate need of a vacuuming. I also thought I had at least 14 more years. And I assumed she would marry a boy. A human boy...