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Love: The One Proposal You Need To See With A Bus And A Robot
Photo: Flickr, Tela Chhe
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The One Proposal You Need To See (Involving A Bus And A Robot)

Yeah, we all watch proposal videos. Lots of proposal videos. But we bet you've never seen one as unique as this. With rising pressure to make proposals stand out from the pack, it's nice to see someone come up with something truly distinctive and personal. No marching bands or dropping from the sky here. Just two women in love.

It's Celebrate Bisexuality Day—Thanks To These 3 LGBT Activists!
Wendy Curry is one of the faces behind the movement. (Image credit: BiNet USA)
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It's Celebrate Bisexuality Day—Thanks To These 3 LGBT Activists!

There are plenty of milestones that celebrate heterosexuality, and in recent years, victories for the homosexual community. But you might not know that today marks Celebrate Bisexuality Day, an annual observance to recognize the bisexual community as well as their history of triumphs and tragedies. The holiday was first observed in 1999, thanks to three American bisexual rights activists: Wendy Curry of Maine, Gigi Raven Wilbur of Texas and Michael Page of Florida — a trio of American activists who rallied to raise awareness about bisexuality and to dispel the stigma surrounding their community.

Homosexuality & Parenting: Lessons From A Lesbian Mom
What's really important is raising happy, healthy children.
Experts Blog

Lessons In Parenting From A Lesbian Mom

Homosexuality and parenting is a hot-button issue these days, but this relationship expert explains that one thing's for sure: the thing children want most from their parents, whether they're lesbian, straight, gay, bis, or tran, is the security of knowing they are loved deeply.