Celebrity Sex: Helen Mirren Loves Porn?!
Helen has a wild side! She wore 6-inch clear stripper heels to the 'Red 2' premiere.
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Helen Mirren Loves Porn?! More Power To Her!

We know Helen Mirren has an obsession with stripper heels, but it seems the platform stilletos aren't the only sexy thing the English actress loves.  Kyra Sedgwick, who co-starred with Helen in 1996's TV movie Losing Chase, was in a talkative mood when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live — even revealing a naughty tidbit about former co-star Helen Mirren.

Kevin Bacon & James Purefoy
Kevin Bacon & James Purefoy have great chemistry.
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What Did Kevin Bacon Think About Kissing His Male Co-Star?

Gorgeous British actor James Purefoy and co-star Kevin Bacon sure seem to be getting to know each other. Bacon, who has been married to Kyra Sedgwick for nearly 25 years, is nearly 60 years old and is not slowing down — in fact, it's his turn to hop into the TV spotlight since his wife recently finished her hit show 'The Closer.'

10 Of The Longest Marriages In Hollywood & How They Make It Work
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, still smiling after 23 years!
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10 Of The Longest Marriages In Hollywood & How They Make It Work

Marriages are always hard work. But, try adding dozens of paparazzi cameras trailing your every move, total strangers making judgments about your relationship and printing them in magazines, and a spouse whose jobs requires frequently making out with some of the most attractive actors today, and keeping a marriage alive becomes even harder.

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy
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9 Best Emmy-Night Couples

Although there were many great pairs at the 2010 Emmys, we only have nine places on our list of Best Emmy-Night Couples. It's too bad that January Jones and Jason Sudeikis didn't make the cut. We know that everyone was anticipating their official "coming out" as a couple on Emmy night, but we couldn't concentrate on them because January's fugger-than-fug dress took all the focus away from her adorable date.

Kyra Sedgwick
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What 'The Closer' Teaches Us About Relationships

While The Closer might be a police procedural at its core, it doesn't mean the show doesn't have a lot of heart. Much of that can be attributed to its leading lady, Kyra Sedgwick, who dons a somewhat irritating yet cute Georgia accent to play Deputy Police Chief Brenda Johnson. The Closer is airing its fifth season this summer, and Johnson, an expert at drawing confessions out of killers, is married for the first time. Her husband on the show is FBI Special Agent Fritz Howard (played by Jon Tenney) whom she has been dating since the show's first season. Despite only minutes of each episode devoted to her personal life, we have been able to learn much about love from the stubborn Chief Johnson.

Kyra Sedgwick On Life As A Working Mom

Kyra Sedgwick On Life As A Working Mom

"The Closer" has been a cable TV ratings hit since its debut in 2005, and its success has a lot to do with its star, Kyra Sedgwick. It's no surprise that Sedgwick has earned two Emmy and three Golden Globe nominations for her portrayal of deputy police chief Brenda Johnson, as she's made the quirky character a fascinating figure. Brenda, who is divorced, hesitated to commit to her fiance in the past but accepted his proposal during a medical crisis. "The deeper I get into the character, the more nuances I find," says Sedgwick, enthusiastic about playing Brenda for another 15 episodes. "It's always fresh because it's always new." As the season begins, she and Fritz—with the emphasis on Fritz—are planning a wedding, and dealing with cohabitation, but it won't all be smooth sailing. In their biggest fight to date, they'll fight about work. "They love each other a lot, but there are a lot of issues, "Sedgwick points out.