'Gossip Girl's' Eric Daman Talks Serena & Blair's Wedding Dresses
"We actually had another dress picked out," Daman says of Blair Waldorf's wedding gown.
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'Gossip Girl' Stylist Eric Daman On Kim's Pregnancy Look & More

Dressing Serena van der Woodsen and Carrie Bradshaw is no joke—the two CW characters are nothing less than style icons. Whether it's finding the perfect pair of stilettos for leggy Blake Lively to wear while strutting the Upper East Side or selecting accessories to match AnnaSophia Robb's 80s attire, Eric Daman knows what works (and what doesn't). So, listen up, Kim Kardashian.

Are You Like Kim Kardashian When it Comes to Love?
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Are You Like Kim Kardashian When it Comes to Love?

Kim Kardashian’s in the spotlight again after her nightmare divorce from Kris Humphries was finally granted 536 days after the filing of the divorce, seven times longer than their marriage. Somehow this is front page news. People say the Kardashian’s are famous for being famous. True. Famous for being beautiful. True. And what people don’t articulate is that we are attracted to their child-like vulnerability in front of the entire world.