Relationship: 10 Telltale Signs You Are Ready For Marriage
Marrying your supporter, lover, and companion has been the best decision thus far!
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10 Telltale Signs You Are Ready For Marriage

Do you look at your mate and think about the biggest step you both could take: marriage? Is it somewhat a scary thought or are you delighted? Which ever emotion you are feeling, it is always great to have a little insight on such a serious and life-changing decision. If you want to test yourself, to see if your honey is all that you want and need, read on if you're ready to take the plunge.

Kim Kardashian
Motherhood has given the reality star princess a new perspective.
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In Defense Of Kim Kardashian's 'Dumb' Quotes About Racism

A lot of people are crucifying Kim Kardashian for her recent blog post. The 33-year-old reality star took to her personal blog to share her feelings on how motherhood has changed her perception of the world. Most notably, she says that it has made her aware of the prevalence of racism and discrimination.