Greer Grammer
"My dad loves babies and creating a family with Kayte," Greer tells us.
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Exclusive! Greer Grammer On Her Famous Dad & Growing Up Grammer

Best known for playing Lissa in MTV's 'Awkward', which returns for its fourth season April 15, Greer Grammer is carrying on her family’s showbiz legacy — yep, her dad is Kelsey Grammer ('Frasier') and her older sister is Spencer Grammer ('Greek'). She had a lot to say about her famous family, love life, and a couple of celebrity newlywed pals.

camille grammer
Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Camille Grammer took her ex-husband to task.
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Divorced Parenting: Camille & Kelsey Grammer's Mistakes

It's important to recognize that kids are not reliable reporters and should not be put in the position of "telling on" one parent and witnessing the other parent's major reaction. Parents must communicate directly with each other on the adult level.

Kelsey Grammer Will Be Father To A Fifth Child
The parents-to-be arrive at the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards
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Kelsey Grammer Will Be Father To A Fifth Child

Kelsey Grammer had more than just his win for Lead Actor in a TV Drama to be excited about at last night's Golden Globes. Turns out Kelsey and his wife, Kayte Walsh, are expecting their first child together!

Kelsey and Camille Grammer on the red carpet.
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It's Official: Kelsey And Camille Grammer Are Divorced

The ink is finally drying on Kelsey and Camille Grammer's divorce papers. The pair officially arrived in Splitsville on Thursday, three days after they came to a financial agreement and months after their scandalous separation began to play out in the media. No one knows yet how much cash Camille ended up with, although it's safe to say it's a generous sum since they did not have a prenup. According to The Huffington Post, she was eyeing a figure of $50 million while Kelsey had originally offered up $30 million of his fortune. It seems they finally settled on a number they could both live with.

Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh
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Grammer Schooled: Frasier's Divorce Gets Even Uglier

According to E! Online, Camille and Kelsey talked about their split last night in separate but simultaneous interviews. Camille aired all of the couple's dirty laundry in a Watch What Happens Live spot, dishing about their dismal sex life and Kelsey's kinky predilections. Grammer told his side of the story to Letterman, where he carefully avoided slamming his ex, but then invited the camera into the green room, where his new girlfriend was hanging out with his ex's kids. Ouch.

Kelsey Grammer
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Kelsey Grammer Is Already Engaged To His New Girlfriend

Man, Kelsey Grammer sure moves fast when it comes to his relationships. Grammer's mouthpiece (and Hollywood's go-to PR man), Stan Rosenfield confirmed to that the former Frasier star has put a ring (or should we say rock?) on his new girlfriend Kayte Walsh's finger—already. We say already, because his divorce from his ex, Camille Donatacci—who's sure making a name for herself on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (in case you haven't been watching the train wreck)—isn't even official yet.

Kelsey Grammer And New Girlfriend Expecting
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Kelsey Grammer And New Girlfriend Expecting

What is up with Kelsey Grammer pulling a Mel Gibson and getting his side piece pregnant before his divorce papers are signed? The 55-year-old actor, who just split up with his wife of 13 years, former Playboy model, Camille Donatacci, recently started dating a 29-year-old British stewardess named Kayte Walsh. And now the New York Post is reporting that Grammer has knocked up her up.

Kelsey Grammer new girlfriend
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Kelsey Grammer In Love Again

Just weeks after his third wife, Camille Donatacci Grammer, filed for divorce, Kelsey Grammer is reportedly "deeply in love" with a young blond British woman named Kate. The New York Post reports that Kelsey was photographed walking hand-in-hand with the woman in New York several times last weekend.

Kelsey Grammer and wife Camille Donatacci
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Kelsey Grammer Didn't Have A Prenup

It's hard to believe that a celebrity who's been married more than once wouldn't know the importance of a prenup and would walk down the aisle again without one, but that's exactly the case for former Frasier star Kelsey Grammer who is currently divorcing his third wife Camille Donatacci. Kelsey and Camille married in 1997, 4 years into Kelsey's run on Frasier, the show that made him the highest paid actor on TV during that time, earning $1.6 million an episode.

Kelsey Grammer divorce
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Kelsey Grammer Announces Divorce On Twitter

Kelsey Grammer and his wife of 13 years, Camille, are divorcing, which is sad, and he announced it on Twitter Thursday, which is weird. "Hello everyone thank you for ur support and Yes it's TRUE Camille and I are Divorcing I ask U 2 respect our privacy in these difficult," he wrote. And then he ran out of characters.