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Prince William And Kate Go On A Movie Date!

So, guess what: even famous, rich royals enjoy seeing films about normal people and their not-so-glamorous, normal problems! It must have been a typical, rainy English day last Saturday, as it seems Prince William and Kate Middleton spent it at the movies! The couple saw the American film Bridesmaids, (which is an awesome movie, by the way.) After the film, we bet Kate really wished she'd had thought of asking Wilson Phillips to play at her own wedding; but we're sure she then quickly realized that that move probably fell outside British Royal custom.

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Is Duchess Kate Middleton Too Skinny To Have A Baby Right Now?

Looks like in-law induced stress even affects duchesses! Most newlyweds have to deal with baby inquiries from well-meaning family members, but Kate Middleton has it much worse than the typical newlywed. Not only is she in the public eye with the world watching her every move and waiting for news of a royal bundle of joy, but she has the royal family breathing down her neck about it now, too. The only problem? Kate's skinny. Really, really skinny. At 5'8" she weighs around 95 pounds and wears clothes in a US size 2, which is fine if you're a model, but not so much if you're hoping to get pregnant in the near future.

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Prince William & Duchess Catherine Land In Hollywood!

By all accounts, Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton are having an amazing first summer together as man and wife. In the past few weeks, the couple has raced each other in Dragonboats (Prince William's team won), planted a tree, worn cowboy hats, shaken hands with who-knows-how-many Canadians, and wowed the world with their numerous wardrobe changes. ut, now, for the piece de resistance of their summer royal tour, the Cambridges have landed in Los Angeles, and, considering that this is Kate's first time in America and William's first visit to the West Coast, they will no doubt be seeing all the sights and turning on the charm for SoCal's lucky denizens.

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Kate Middleton Is Playboy Bunny Material

We're sure Hugh Hefner has other things on his mind now than Kate Middleton (like the untangling of his almost-marriage to Crystal Harris), but just yesterday the 85-year-old made a statement endorsing Kate Middleton as a Playboy bunny. We bet you didn't think you'd ever see those two people in the same sentence, huh?

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Pippa Middleton Splits From Alex Loudon, Steps Out With Ex

While Duchess Kate was looking every bit the settled-and-in-love lady this past week, smiling with hubby Prince William at the Return for Kids Gala Dinner, her little sis, Pippa Middleton, was experiencing the opposite. Pippa was seen stepping out with an ex, basically confirming rumors the she and her financier boyfriend, Alex Loudon, were dunzo.

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7 Date-Worthy Hat And Hair Accessory Trends For Summer

While you might be asking yourself who would want to wear a Beatrice-esque fascinator, there are actually a lot of pretty, and more subtle, versions on the market in muted colors and smaller accents. In fact, we're going to suggest you wear one. They're the season's hottest new trend in hats and hair accessories. Plus, we have six more great looks to consider for your summer dates.

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Prince William And Kate Middleton Leave For Secret Honeymoon

Less than two weeks after they tied the knot, Prince William has whisked his new bride and the future Queen of England off for a super-secret honeymoon. So secret, in fact, that Kate Middleton wasn't even told where they would be going until the last minute. And while a spokesman for St. James' Palace wouldn't confirm where the newlyweds would be honeymooning, rumors are swirling that the pair is headed for the romantic and secluded Seychelles in the Indian Ocean.

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Will The Royal Marriage Last?

In the run up to the big day, bookies have been minting fortunes. Odds were offered on the music, the honeymoon venue, the color of the Queen's hat. Even the length of the sermon. Will the bride's wedding car break down before her prince whisks her off in a ceremonial coach? What shade of white will the dress be? Will Prince Harry remain sober for his best man speech? Will his trousers split? The gloomiest bets by far have been on how long the marriage will last. Some say a day. Some, a lifetime. One to 10 years seems to be the favorite.

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Prince William Refuses To Sign Prenup

Some are calling it foolish, while other say it's a romantic gesture that Prince William refused to sign a prenuptial agreement with his new wife Kate Middleton. While these kinds of legal documents are all the rage with celebrity couples in Hollywood, they're not as common in British law. And besides, the new royal couple hardly seems like the type to need one.

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Did Osama Bin Laden Force William & Kate To Delay The Honeymoon?

It looks like our guessing game about where Prince William and Kate Middleton should honeymoon was all for naught! After marrying in front of their guests at Westminster Abbey (and nearly 2 billion TV watchers around the world,) the couple has reportedly decided to postpone their honeymoon. Some, like the Daily Mail, are speculating that the announcement of Osama Bin Laden's death and related security concerns may have been the cause for the delay, although the official reason given is that Prince William needs to return to his job as a helicopter pilot in the Royal Air Force.

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5 Royal Wedding Trends To Wear This Spring

From the moment I saw Kate Middleton step out of that car and make her way into Westminster Abbey, I knew I was witnessing an iconic style moment. Looking every bit as elegant and poised as Grace Kelly, the new princess was exquisite as she made the long walk down the aisle, donning an Alexander McQueen confection with lace sleeves and a ten-foot train, to meet her prince at the altar... OK, if the royal-wedding fashion didn't make you swoon, then we so need to find you a sense of sartorial romanticism. If you need a little help, allow me. Even beyond Princess Catherine's obvious trend-setting gown, there was a lot to love about the fashion at Friday's nuptials.

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Prince William & Kate Middleton Are Married!

Congratulations to the royal couple! Prince William, the 28-year-old prince and the second-in-line to the British throne, wed his longtime girlfriend, Kate Middleton, 29, in London today in a grand ceremony at Westminister Abbey that, thanks to the many cameras both inside and outside of the church, felt, at times, more like a movie than a real-life wedding. Before 2000 guests (and an estimated two billion watching around the world,) Prince William and Kate were made the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and, according to the Globe and Mail, looked "nervous but happy" during their vows, which they gracefully pulled off without the slightest flub.

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The Royal Wedding Ceremony: What To Expect

It's finally here: the day that Catherine "Waitie-Katie" Elizabeth Middleton has been patiently waiting for the past nine years! Prince William isgoing to make an honest woman out of her. And although the ceremony is taking place at an ungodly hour (at least for those of us, who will be watching the royal wedding, stateside), the couple has released their official wedding program, which details what exactly will go down during the ceremony at Westminster Abbey, should you decide to sleep in.