Kate Middleton and Prince George
The royals make an adorable trio.
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The Royal Baby Did What?!

Turns out Prince George is a little rascal. He was recently spotted on his first royal engagement in New Zealand in the arms of his mother, Kate Middleton doing something that is definitely not royal protocol.

How To Raise Your Baby Like A Royal [EXPERT]
Tea time, your highness!
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How To Raise Your Baby Like A Royal

Kate Middleton is pregnant with the heir apparent to the throne of England. Bringing up baby to the manor born stirs up fairytales of happily every after and raising a blue blood. Here are some ideas to give your little one the royal advantage in life and love:

Signs You've Met Prince Charming
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Signs You've Met Prince Charming

Think Prince Charming doesn't exist? Think again. Kate Middleton found her Prince Charming in Prince William. Angelina Jolie has Brad Pitt. Victoria has David Beckham and Khloe Kardashian found her Prince Charming in Lamar Odom. What about you? How will you know when you've met your Prince Charming? Here are five signs you've met your own Prince Charming:

William and Kate royal wedding kiss
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Will The Royal Marriage Last?

In the run up to the big day, bookies have been minting fortunes. Odds were offered on the music, the honeymoon venue, the color of the Queen's hat. Even the length of the sermon. Will the bride's wedding car break down before her prince whisks her off in a ceremonial coach? What shade of white will the dress be? Will Prince Harry remain sober for his best man speech? Will his trousers split? The gloomiest bets by far have been on how long the marriage will last. Some say a day. Some, a lifetime. One to 10 years seems to be the favorite.

Love Bytes: Is It Your Fault You're Not Married?
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Love Bytes: Is It Your Fault You're Not Married?

Love Bytes: 11 must-click love and relationship links. William and Kate's wedding website, men intimidated by female intelligence, and a surprising way to catch a guy's attention with (literally) no effort. The shocking new trend in virginity, women being blamed for being single, and when being friends with an ex will and will not work. These links, along with 10 tips for spicy oral sex.