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Premarital Jitters? 6 Ways To Avoid Kim K's Mistakes

Newsflash: After 72 days of marriage, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have called it quits. I am not a long-time follower of the Kardashian clan. I became interested when I realized that Olympic Champion Bruce Jenner was married to Kim's mom, Kris. I watched a couple of episodes around the big engagement ... so big that the engagement ring had to be delivered by a Brinks truck. And I — along with a few million other viewers — noticed some signs that they might be headed for trouble. For one thing, on the very day that Kris planned to propose to Kim, they had an argument about money. It was such a bad argument, Kris postponed popping the question ... begging the question: Why did they go through with it? Couldn't they have found a way to breakup before the wedding?