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10 Dos and Don'ts for Using Social Media to Find a Date
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10 Dos and Don'ts for Using Social Media to Find a Date

We know that singles are joining online dating sites in record numbers, but did you know that your social media presence might help, or hinder your chances to find your dream date? In a recent Pew Research Center’s Internet Project, their findings showed that 30% of social networking users user social media to get information about someone they were interested in dating. Taking it a step further, 15% of the users actually asked someone out on a date on social media site such as Facebook or Twitter.

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Online dating expert & YourTango Expert Julie Spira
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Dating Expert Julie Spira Reveals Where The Good Men Are Hiding!

Julie Spira is a leading online dating expert, media personality and bestselling author of "The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online." She is the CEO of Cyber-Dating Expert, a top-ranking online dating advice site, and she is the creator of Mobile Dating BootCamp, where she helps singles find love from the convenience of their mobile phones.

Some Startling Stats About Sex & Texting [EXPERT]
According to one survey, 10% of people under 25 text during sex.
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Some Startling Stats About Sex & Texting

Just how attached are you to your mobile phone? According to OnlineCollege, 10 percent of people under 25 text during sex. Among all adults surveyed, 15 percent said they would answer a phone call in the middle of sex. Do your friends really need a play-by-play, 160-character description while you are naked, under the sheets with your significant other?

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Oscars 2011: The Real Truth About The Best Actress Curse

Ever heard of the Best Actress Curse? It's the theory that a woman can't win the Academy Award for Best Actress without subsequently losing her man? It may sound crazy but, according to research, the pattern really exists. With three of the five 2011 Oscar Best Actress nominees in serious relationships, we set out to find out why it happens, how leading ladies can avoid this Hollywood hex and what we non-famous folks can learn from it.

How to Land a Valentine Online

How to Land a Valentine Online

By Cyber Dating Expert Julie Spira Valentine's Day is two weeks away and you're without a date. No need to fear. There are plenty of fish in the online dating sea who are also in your position. To find a Valentine for February 14th, try these tips from cyber dating expert Julie Spira:

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Tom Miller And Julie Spira Talk Online Dating

This past week, tweeps everywhere crowded into the 92nd Street Y in New York City for the 2010 140 Characters Conference. For two days, people sat rapt, with smartphones and laptops at their sides, while live-tweeting panels on real-time news gathering, social media and education, tweetups and more. Our own Tom Miller—YourTango's General Manager and Tomfoolery blogger—joined author and dating coach Julie Spira to talk about Love, Dating and Romance in the Real-Time Web.

Community Blog: 5 Reasons She Won't Write You Back
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Community Blog: 5 Reasons She Won't Write You Back

Too often I hear men complaining that women won’t respond to their online dating profile or call them back. They get frustrated, and take down their cyberdating profile without realizing what they have done wrong. Here is my dating advice and the top 5 reasons why your email may end up in the trash bin and ways for you to correct it.