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Is Rielle Hunter To Blame For Edwards' Affair?

Rielle Hunter denies she ended John Edwards' marriage. Do homewreckers get unfair blame for affairs? "Well, his relationship with her and the problems in it really had nothing to do with me," Rielle Hunter said. "Infidelity doesn't happen in healthy marriages. The break in the marriage happens before the infidelity. And that break happened, you know, two and a half decades before I got there. So the home was wrecked already. I was not the Home Wrecker."

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Rielle Hunter Gives Relationship Advice In GQ

Perhaps most vexing to Elizabeth — besides the fact that Rielle comes across as the likable, charismatic yang to her yin, besides the mother with child come hither posturing — would be the unsolicited love and relationship advice that peppers the 10-page interview. "Being is free," when it comes to love, and Rielle will show you how... how to approach a man, treat him like a man, nurture a trusting relationship and deal with outside dynamics, i.e. his wife. Below, some tidbits of relational truth:

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What Makes Rielle Hunter So Quietly Dignified?

Newsweek just ran a provocative piece on Rielle Hunter and her "quiet dignity" as the other woman. While it is true that we've heard little and seen less on that front, most of us thought that it was because she was getting paid a pretty penny to stay mum. Or just that she was still sooo in love with John Edwards that she was off somewhere tending their nest and planning their Dave Matthews wedding. Dignity was not the word on our lips -- but should it have been?

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Who Wants To Sleep With John Edwards?

Celeb Love recently reported on some new, eye-opening details of John and Elizabeth Edwards' marriage and now, thanks to The National Enquirer, the soap opera continues. According to the mag, Elizabeth threatened to finally divorce John after Christmas and booted him from their home. John spent the next few bleary-eyed days at the Edwards' vacation home in North Carolina, where he hit up the local bars and hit on any woman who moved. Apparently, none of these women were interested in being the next Rielle Hunter, so despite John's best efforts, he always went home alone.

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Report: John Edwards Promised Mistress NY Wedding

If you can't trust a former personal injury lawyer then who can you trust? According to leaked documents, the former Vice Presidential candidate and former North Carolina Senator John Edwards made some outlandish promises to mistress and possible baby's mama Rielle Hunter. Former Edwards aide, Andrew Young, is said to be pitching a book with some damning evidence about Edwards and some of those details were leaked to mainstream press.