What Was The Most Surprising Sex Scandal Of 2011?
Will this cheater top the list?

Poll: What Was The Most Surprising Sex Scandal Of 2011?

Last year, we rounded up the top 20 celebrity sex and love scandals of 2010 and crossed our fingers that we wouldn't have to do one this year, because recalling all the cheating, inappropriate sexting and baby daddy drama was just too much to handle. No more scandals, we hoped!

Jesse James Disses Sandra Bullock, Wants Ring Back From Kat Von D
Ugh. This guy just won't go away.
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Jesse James Disses Sandra Bullock, Wants Ring Back From Kat Von D

If you cheated on your wife in a spectacularly public fashion as Jesse James did in 2010, you think you'd want to avoid reminding people of that fact. But, nope. Despite his reputation as a philanderer (and his subsequent on-off relationship with Kat von D, who also accused the 42-year-old of cheating on her), Jesse is talking about Sandra Bullock again in an obvious attempt to drum-up some attention for his reality TV show, American Chopper: The Build-Off.

Kat Von D Tried To Change A Cheater: Admirable Or Stupid?
Better get that tattoo of Jesse James' face removed now, huh Kat?
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Kat Von D Tried To Change A Cheater: Admirable Or Stupid?

It must suck to be Kat Von D today. Last night, she found out about the 19th woman that her former fiancé, Jesse James, slept with when they were together. Yes, you read that right. In what is perhaps the biggest case of "I told you so!" drama in Hollywood history, the infamous cheater and former "Most Hated Man In America" has struck again.

Jesse James & Kat Von D
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Fool Me Twice? Jesse James May Have Cheated (Again!) On Kat Von D

If you're like me, you're probably yawning a bit at the latest news about Kat Von D and Jesse James' split, a development that first unfolded this past weekend. After all, this isn't their first break up. But, the latest twist bubbling to the surface has suddenly made this MUCH more interesting: rumors that Jesse had cheated on Kat, according to a story by Radar Online.

Jesse James and Kat Von D
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Surprise! Kat Von D Now "Not In A Relationship" With Jesse James

Okay, we're being a little sarcastic. After you two broke up in July only to get back together in August, we knew it wouldn't be long till we would hear things weren't working out. Well, that day has come. Von D, Tattoo artist and former star of the cancelled show, L.A. Ink, took to her Facebook page this weekend to clear up some "odds and ends" — AKA rumors about her relationship with Sandra Bullock's ex, James.

Jesse James Kat Von D
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Here We Go Again! Jesse James & Kat Von D's Engagement Is Back On

When news broke in July that Jesse James and Kat Von D had broken off their engagement, we swear we could hear all the Sandra Bullock fans cheering. Finally, karma was coming back around to the man who had cheated on America's sweetheart. He claimed that "the distance between [he and Von D] was just too much," so they decided to go their separate ways. But now, it looks like he spoke too soon.

jay cutler kristin cavallari

Celebrity Couples Who Have Called Off Their Weddings [GALLERY]

Don't throw the rice just yet! Looks like wedding bells won't be ringing after all for Kristin Cavallari and Jay Butler and Kat Von D and Jesse James. The two couples announced the end of their engagements within the past two days leaving celeb-watchers either scratching or nodding their heads in agreement or disappointment.

Kat Von D Jesse James
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Kat Von D And Jesse James Call It Quits: Is Anyone Surprised?

Sandra Bullock's cheating ex-husband Jesse James and his tattooed lady Kat von D have decided that wedding bells are not in their future, after all, it seems. Kat, the 29-year-old LA Ink star, announced the news on her Twitter page, writing: "I am no longer w Jesse, and out of respect for him, his family and myself, thats all the info I'd like to share. Thanks for respecting that."

Jesse James
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Jesse James: 'I Wouldn't Go Back And Change Things'

Jesse James is making the rounds to promote his new memoir, American Outlaw. And at the same time, he's letting everybody know, in no uncertain terms, that he's moved on from the whole Sandra Bullock debacle. You know. Where he publicly humiliated her post-Oscar win? When word came out about his philandering ways?

Sandra Bullock wins the 2010 Best Actress Oscar
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The 10 Most Romantic Oscar Acceptance Speeches Of All Time

Over the years, thanking your significant other has become commonplace at award ceremonies. Now, we just expect to hear some spouse-gratitude in pretty much every acceptance speech. But luckily, scattered between all the average shout-outs, are some super-sweet moments laced with a touch of romantic sentiment. With this list, we count down our top ten favorites.

lingere on clothesline
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Links We Love: Lingerie And Your Lover

As we wind down the first month of 2011, it appears that the biggest news in marriage is the celeb marriage tango. This week, Jesse James announced his enagement to everyone's favorite tattooed lady, Kat Von D, and Troy Aikman announced the end of his 10 year marriage. But don't worry, it's not all celebs. This week's round up has lingere, the history of marriage and yes, more celebs.

Sandra Bullock shops.
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Sandra Bullock Helps Her Stepdaughter Adjust To A Third Mom

It would have been easy for Sandra Bullock to completely cut ties with all things surrounding Jesse James after his very public infidelity scandal ended their marriage last year. But Sandra didn't let Jesse's bad choices ruin the relationship she had built with his six-year-old daughter, Sunny. In true Sandy-fashion, she refused to walk out of her stepdaughter's life. Instead, she will help the young girl adjust to a third mother figure when her ex marries Kat Von D.

Jesse James and Kat Von D
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Do Jesse James And Kat Von D Deserve Each Other?

We've all tried to forget about the Jesse James, that lover of skeezy hook-ups and Nazi propaganda. Since breaking Sandra Bullock's heart, "Klassy with a K" James has shown his penchant for the dark side, and specifically, for ladies who sport serious tats. (*cough* Michelle (Bombshell) McGee *cough*) With that in mind, it's no great shock that James has fallen hard for Kat Von D, star of L.A. Ink. Their whirlwind romance–filled with Twitter proclamations of their undying love for each other–has culminated in an engagement. Yes, you heard it here, Kat is stepping up to the challenge of becoming the 3rd Mrs. James!