'How I Met Your Mother'
Give the gang a legen-wait-for-it-dary farewell with tonight's hour-long finale episode.
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18 Reasons Marshall & Lily Are The Best Couple. Evah.

The time has come for the 'Mother' of all reveals. After nine long and unforgettable seasons, 'How I Met Your Mother' will air its series finale tonight. As we say goodbye to the MacClaren's gang, here's why we'll miss Marshmallow and Lilypad the most.

George Clooney irresistible
George Clooney is not just sexy: He projects a confidence that women find attractive.
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5 Ridiculously Irresistible Celeb Men (Like George Clooney!)

No matter how physically attractive they are, this eclectic group of dudes proves that everyone can be irresistible in their own way. From ages 19 to 51, skinny to buff, chiseled to goofy looking, comedic to dramatic actors, these guys are irresistible for one reason: they just do them.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
"Can you please put some clothes on?"
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5 Funniest Nude Movie Scenes

Did you know that Saturday, July 14 is National Nude Day? In honor of this amazing holiday, we're looking back at some of the most hilarious movie scenes including nudity. From Sandra Bullock to Ali Larter, celebs have bared it all in these five hilarious nude scenes!

Jason Segel Emily Blunt in The Five-Year Engagement
Emily Blunt & Jason Segel in 'The Five-Year Engagement'
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Fiancé Fashion In "The Five-Year Engagement"

We know our personalities influence the way we dress, but does our relationship status have the same affect? It certainly seems that way in 'The Five-Year Engagement' – the romantic comedy currently in theaters starring Emily Blunt and Jason Segel. The story takes characters Tom and Violet through almost every type of love phase there is, and their styles change accordingly thanks to the work of Costume Designer, Leesa Evans.

Jason Segel
Jason Segel is completely smitten with his new girlfriend.
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Aww! Jason Segel Tapes Photos Of Michelle Williams To His iPhone

It turns out that funnyman Jason Segel isn't just one of the most hilarious actors on the big and small screens – he's also a total sucker for love. Going back to classic high school romance, the 32-year-old actor was recently spotted toting around his iPhone adorned with pictures of girlfriend Michelle Williams blowing kisses and the words "I

Lady Gaga wearing black sunglasses
Lady Gaga is a singer AND ordained minister!
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7 Celebs Who Have Officiated Their Friends' Weddings

A fairly new trend taking over Hollywood is celebrities marrying off their friends. Conveniently, with the help of several online companies, one can easily be granted ordained minister status in order to conduct an official wedding and marry a couple. (Kathy Griffin says it only took her 10 minutes!)