Let's be honest. When it comes to listening and following the rules, it's pretty much ingrained in your children's genes to make things harder for you. It's not their job to readily agree that you know what is best for them — they just have to do it. When you can't seem to breakthrough to them, is it OK to resort to trickery? 

Parenting expert Tara Kennedy-Kline dishes on the do's and don'ts of getting your children to do the things you want them to. Parents, it's time you leave the guilt you may be feeling at the door! As long as you're not blatantly lying to your kids, why wouldn't you want to make your life easier? If you've ever heard of the term "redirection", you'll know that it's just a fancy way of tricking them into doing what you want. Want to stop that temper tantrum from happening? Just redirect them. However, it's important to remember that there's a major difference between bribing and lying to your kids and simply duping them into doing something that'll benefit them in the longrun. The goal isn't to make them feel deceived, which is why it's incredibly important to reward them for the behaviors that you do want.

Check out the video above for more insightful parenting tips on the simple way to persuade your children into following the rules.

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