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In honor of "Irresistible You," now through July 27, YourTango fans will have the opportunity to win an exclusive Irresistible You eBook (a $5 value) that will provide insights and experts advice about how to be irresistible at any love stage! This eBook will serve as an excellent pick-me-up and valuable self-esteem boosting resource next time you're feeling down in the dumps.

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It's time for you to feel irresistible about yourself AND your relationship.
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Irresistible You: A User's Guide

Great relationships start with confidence in your partner and even more importantly, confidence in yourself. It's nearly impossible to love someone else without loving yourself. When you feel like a million bucks, you radiate, and in turn, your relationship is healthier and happier.

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A happy relationship starts with a happy you.

16 Ways Feeling Irresistible Benefits Your Relationship

Here at YourTango, we are all about the adage that it's as important to be the right person in your relationship as it is to find the right person. Anyone who's carried on a relationship knows that it takes finesse to maintain a happy "we" without sacrificing a happy "me," and vice versa. With this idea in mind, we have created Irresistible You, a 12-day initiative focused on helping you feel irresistible so your love life will, in turn, feel amazing, too.