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All couples face challenges, here are 10 ways to overcome them and be your best.

10 Ways To Put Your Best Foot Forward In Your Relationship

We start dating with the best intentions, taking care to be our best selves. Then we get comfortable and complacent. You can blame your partner or you can commit to making sure you keep working to earn that long-term affection. Here are 10 ways to put your best foot forward in your relationship—and to keep moving.

how to feel sexy again after having a baby
10 tips for new moms hoping to feel better about their post-baby existence.
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10 Ways To Bring Sexy Back After Having A Baby

When I got pregnant, I was bound and determined to look good after the baby was born. I admired those moms in my Facebook newsfeed whose hospital pictures showed them smiling with makeup on as they cuddled their newborn. In retrospect, this was a crazy notion because after giving birth I did NOT look good. Not at all...

Ryan Gosling Irresistible You
How can you say no to a face like that?
Celebrity Love

Ryan Gosling: Why Do We All Think He's The Perfect Man?

In our recent 'Irresistible You' survey, Gosling was voted the “Most Irresistible Male Celebrity." When we divided the votes up by gender, he was the top pick for women (tied with Channing Tatum) and the third top pick for men. That's right – the 31-year-old actor is hitting home runs on both sides of the field.

10 Ways To Be Utterly Irresistible In Bed [EXPERT]
Just because you go to bed doesn't mean you have to go to sleep!
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10 Ways To Be Utterly Irresistible In Bed

Though it may be impossible to feel sexy and desirable all of the time, there's no more important time to feel that way than when you're between the sheets. So, we asked our experts to offer their best advice about how to ensure that every time you hit the hay, you feel your absolute best ... and here's what they had to say!

woman makeup beautiful pretty
Quick fixes for all your hair and makeup oopsies.
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Oops! 5 Beauty Quick-Fixes

Streaky self-tanner? Overplucked eyebrows? You're not alone. We've all had these beauty mishaps more than once. No one can keep it together 100 percent of the time; not even you, sexy lady.

George Clooney irresistible
George Clooney is not just sexy: He projects a confidence that women find attractive.
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5 Ridiculously Irresistible Celeb Men (Like George Clooney!)

No matter how physically attractive they are, this eclectic group of dudes proves that everyone can be irresistible in their own way. From ages 19 to 51, skinny to buff, chiseled to goofy looking, comedic to dramatic actors, these guys are irresistible for one reason: they just do them.

woman nervous about her weight on a scale
If you think that a number on a scale can magically bring you happiness, think again.

I Lost 90 Pounds, But It Didn't Make Me Happy

When I was 18 years old, I thought that losing weight would make my life perfect. That's one of the side effects of dieting and hating your body for so long—you begin to assume that thin people have perfect, happy lives and relationships to match their perfectly petite waistlines...

10 Scents That Drive Men Wild
Did your fragrance make the list?

10 Scents That Drive Men Wild

Curious as to what types of scents turn men on? We polled ten men and got the scoop on the perfumes and fragrances that make a woman absolutely irresistible. Keep reading to find out.

4 Irresistible Qualities Men & Women Love [EXPERT]
Do you feel irresistible?
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4 Irresistible Qualities Men & Women Love

We asked YourTango readers to tell us which of their body parts they like the best. Resoundingly, the answer we saw most was "eyes." Of course, we all know that attraction isn't all about body parts. It's also about those inexplicable qualities that create chemistry. So, we asked dating coach and YourTango Expert Janet Ong Zimmerman to weigh in on how any person can become more attractive, and here's what she had to say.

woman putting on perfume
Spritz on a flirty fragrance this summer!
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8 Sexy Fragrances For Every Summer Date

It's Friday night. Your lips are glossy, your hair is de-frizzed and fabulous, and you've found the perfect outfit. Now all you have to figure out is the right perfume to wear on that hot date. Lucky for you, we've compiled a list of fragrances fit for all your romantic summer nights!

18 Ways To Beat Complacency In A Long-Term Relationship [EXPERT]
Are you a little bored?
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18 Ways To Beat Complacency In A Long-Term Relationship

Is your long-term relationship feeling a little too ... long-term? Over time, it's only natural for couples to become quite comfortable with one another, but when things become too routine, too monotonous or too mundane, it's time to shake things up. According to our Irresistible You survey, 37% of YourTango readers polled agree that trying new things together is the best way to for couples to avoid becoming lazy or complacent in their relationships. Wanna know what our experts think you should do to beat complacency? Check out their suggestions below.

Help! I'm No Longer Attracted To My Husband [VIDEO]
Does he still turn you on?

Help! I'm No Longer Attracted To My Husband

In the beginning of your marriage, you and your husband couldn't keep your hands off each other. It was wedded bliss and the physical attraction between you two was undeniable. Lately, however, you haven't been feeling that same spark. You may wonder, 'does lust inevitably fade away?'