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Beyond Sex: The Bigger (Erotic) Picture
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Beyond Sex: The Bigger (Erotic) Picture

If you Google “sex,” you’ll get a range of pages aimed at improving your sex life through the use of vitamins, exercises, better techniques, and tips on how to make the experience more pleasurable. You’ll find pages upon pages dedicated to toys and tools that can be used to spice up your sex life. (And yes, you’ll find a lot of porn sites, too.)

Sex Every Day

Sex Every Day

I am a proponent of having regular sex, whether you actively desire it or not. Maybe I should shift the terminology and say “engage in intimacy” rather than have sex. I believe that the benefits of engaging in regular, and go as far as to say daily doses of pleasurable intimacy serve to bring a couple closer together, promote trust, love and even fidelity.

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Be the best he's ever had.

Kiss And Tell: How Can I Be The Best Sex He's Ever Had?

Dying to know if your partner is satisfied with your sex life? Are you constantly wondering if there's anything you can do to heighten the pleasure? We're going to let you in on the secret to finding out if you're good in bed: You're going to have to open your mouth...and just ask!

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Spice up your love life.

Watch The Sparks Fly: How To Keep The Sexual Chemistry Alive

Wanting to spice up the sexual energy in your relationship is nothing to be embarrassed about; in fact, the need to find ways to get closer to your partner is completely natural. But is there a way to keep the chemistry alive from the beginning without having to struggle to reignite the flame?

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Understanding each other can spice up your relationship in more than one way.

Do Men And Women Really Think Differently About Sex?

Sure, men and women have different sexual parts but how different are they really when it comes to sex? Our Experts discuss libido, orgasms and just how the male and female brains really differ when it comes to sexuality.

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Can watching porn really hurt your love life?

Can Watching Porn Actually Save Your Relationship?

We've all heard about porn wrecking relationships but can it ever help them? From the secrecy that comes from the fear of being shamed to porn addiction, is it really possible that watching porn could actually lead to a healthy sex life?

Sex: How To Have A Hotter Sex Life
A better sex life is possible, you just need to find out what's wrong.
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Are You Comfortable? 3 Reasons You May Not Be Enjoying Sex

Couples who have been together a while sometimes lose the passion they had when they first got together. Expert Gal Szekely explains the most common problems couples have in the bedroom (hint: they aren't just physical) and gives tips on what you can do about them.

Relationships: Five Things Men Need To Be Authentic About
Sexual insecurities and secrets can kill your relationships. Try honesty instead.
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Fess Up! The 5 Things Men Need To Be Honest About

Are the skeletons in your closet ruining your relationship? Relationship Coach Ange Fonce lays out the five main secrets men have that they really need to come clean about to have a healthy, functioning relationship.

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"Let's just get it over with."
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Say What? 13 Things Guaranteed To Kill The Mood During Sex

We've all gotten a little carried away in the heat of the moment, but saying the wrong thing in bed can bring even the best time to a screeching halt. Hey, those intense love hormones can make you say some crazy stuff. So trust us when we tell you to scratch these phrases from your bedroom vocabulary.

Understanding Three Types of Marital Relationships
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Understanding Three Types of Marital Relationships

In the years that I have been working with couples, I have seen that there are three basic kinds of marriages.  There can be some overlap in the types; but it helps to understand all three, and their uniqueness.  I share this categorization because it can help individuals to understand some of the reasons why they may not be fulfilled in their marriages.