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ted kennedy death
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Would You Date Someone With A Dark Past?

Senator Ted Kennedy died last night, and today everyone is talking about his legacy—the good parts and the bad, which got us to thinking: Could an incident from someone's past make you unwilling to date them? Case in point: the Chappaquiddick incident.

japanese, strange love,

Love In Japan Keeps Getting Weirder

Some young men in Japan are in love with anime. Some take it to such an extreme that they have strange love affairs with pillow cases featuring the likenesses of their favorite cartoon characters. It does not look like that low birth rate in Japan is going to fix itself. On the other hand, they are really doing a great job of out-nerding American nerds.

Man in apron cooking
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Gender Roles Reversed: Stay-At-Home Husband

As I watched them work, I felt a thousand miles away from my staff job, and a million miles away from business as I knew it. It wasn't just a gender thing; I was seeing physical evidence of that tectonic shift we've all been reading about for years. The corporate office as safe haven from domestic reality is finally dying. Here are my pregnant wife and her friend, a newly single mom, venturing forth together into the wide world on the deck of a new business model. No doubt about it: this is Oz territory.

Heather Graham reveals love of tantric sex
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Heather Graham A Tantric Sex Guru

Heather Graham, star of The Hangover, revealed to the Mail on Sunday that she practices tantric sex and got into while filming The Guru in 2002. She says, "What most people know about tantric sex is that Sting does it and it lasts eight hours. But he's not having sex continually. You can take a bath, massage your partner, listen to music. The idea is that you let the whole thing build very slowly until finally you merge with your partner. It works for me."

Man looking in mirror
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Are You Dating A Narcissist?

Ever since John Edwards explained away his affair with Rielle Hunter, saying, "I started to believe that I was special and became increasing egocentric", we've been thinking about how it is just SUCH a dealbreaker to date a guy who's a narcissist. After all, who wants to end up in a bitter divorce battle like Christie Brinkley, whose ex-husband, Peter Cook, (who admitted to lying and cheating) was diagnosed as narcissistic by a court psychiatrist during their publicized divorce trial proceedings. But how do you tell if a person is a narcissist before you get caught up in their web of egocentricity? We took a look at the actual key factors in the diagnosis for narcissism and found out that a lot of women we know have the real life experience to back up the facts. All the info you need to know, after the jump…

man woman in bed

The Smoking-Hot Reason To Avoid First-Date Sex

You've heard it before, but I'm not going to browbeat you about the immorality of going all the way on the first night. I'm also not going to say that you're likely to drive away relationship material if, as the adage goes, the man "gets the milk for free." (If that drives him away, then be glad you're seeing the taillights.) No, take it from a man who knows: there's a hidden reason that—if you do it right—you should never have sex on a first date.

woman smell rose
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Why Do Flowers Make Us Swoon?

What is it exactly about receiving a bouquet of flowers that's so heartwarming? For practical purposes, the already decaying plants will wither into an eyesore within a week of reception. Yet, research shows gifting flowers—moreso than things like candles or fruit baskets—to be a surefire way to improve someone's mood. So, which came first: the flowers or the mood-altering trance they hold on us?

man's help work
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I Need A Man's Help! Is That Sexist?

Men fix cars, figure out credit card bills and hook up the TV. Is it sexist to want a guy for that? "When I was in college I bought my first car... Normally this was a task that I would have heaped on my dad’s shoulders; after all, Dads are the people you turn to in times of vehicular crisis. Mine wasn’t there, so I went at alone." Later her boyfriend helps her deal with debt collectors. Does it make you a bad woman or anti-feminist to want a man to do certain things for you?