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Secret Lives: The "Shameful" Truth
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Secret Lives: The "Shameful" Truth

"Bizarre, salacious and inexplicably careless" - these are just a few of the judgment-laden phrases that presently swirl around Suzy Favor Hamilton, a woman some have called the greatest athlete in University of Wisconsin history. What has changed public perception of this Olympic runner and winner of nine NCAA championships for the UW-Madison?  What has suddenly changed her from an admired icon to a target of ridicule and vilification?

Are You Sabotaging Your Own Dating Life? [EXPERT]
You never know who you're missing out on meeting because of your list.
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Are You Sabotaging Your Own Dating Life?

I hear singles complain about the hardships of dating and being lonely. They will blame everybody else for not living up to their expectations, but the reality is that they have closed themselves off to many possibilities by failing to be flexible with their preferences. Newsflash! This is the type of B.S that will keep you single!

Study Says Working Full-Time Benefits Moms [EXPERT]
Apparently, you can have it all ...
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Study Says Working Full-Time Benefits Moms

Whether you have to work, want to work or fall somewhere in-between, a recent study by the American Psychological Association revealed that full-time working mothers are happier and healthier than their non-working counterparts. Perhaps it's time to let go of the working mom's guilt and instead focus on the many benefits working full-time brings to a mother and her family. Here are seven ways full-time work benefits mothers.

dollar and heart
What role does money play in your love life?

He Said, She Said: When To Talk Money In A Relationship

We think we live in an era where "gold digging" is taboo and relationships are based on so much more than just money. But is that true? How do our incomes factor into the modern day dating scene? And, when is the right time to talk about money in a relationship? Here's one what guy and one gal had to say about it.

women celebrate women's history month 2012
From reproductive rights to income and education, what's new in women's rights?

How Are Women Faring In 2012? A Women's Rights Report Card

March is National Women's History month—anointed so in order to empower today's women by teaching them about women's progress in the past. Women's progress is a dynamic thing, and is often marked by two steps forward, one step back. From education to reproductive rights, check out our Women's Rights report card below to see how the fairer sex is faring today.

breadwinner and homemaker
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5 Tips For Maintaining A Breadwinner Relationship

Money conflicts result in some of the most intense and destructive arguments in any relationship. Money is a topic very few people are comfortable talking about, and issues concerning spending and saving are deeply personal. The additional variable that's been silently added to the mix is the turning of the tides in many relationships for who is the primary breadwinner. Here are five tips for keeping a breadwinner relationship tension-free.

A house made of money
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As A Stay-At-Home Mom, Do I Have A Say In Our Finances?

As a self proclaimed feminist, I was surprised by how hobbled I was by my love for our first born, that I, who’d argued for years how important it was that women remain in the workforce after giving birth, couldn’t imagine being anywhere but home. I'd always prided myself on being independent and self sufficient, secure on my own two feet. Now, without a paycheck, I felt lost, unsure of my worth.

woman jumping with shopping bags
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Surprise! Single Women Don't Shop Like Carrie Bradshaw

Single women, rejoice: The New York Times has confirmed that you aren't actually like Carrie Bradshaw. While pop culture's single women have a reputation bankrupting themselves on shopping sprees, the typical single woman actually spends her money on practical ventures like housing and transportation. In fact, single women spend less than 5 percent of their income on clothing, haircuts, manicures, and the like.

Woman's hand opening a wallet
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Do Female Breadwinners Need Special Relationship Rules?

A nice car, expensive dinners, owning a home—back in 1996, these were just a few of the expenses that led Alisa Bowman to assume her now-husband earned more than she did. It wasn't until the couple moved in together that Bowman found out she was making substantially more money than he was. What started as a few thousand dollars in income disparity then has now turned into her making quadruple what he earns through his business of owning a bike shop.

man holding hundred dollar bills
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Married Men Getting Richer, Thanks To Women

According to a new study by the Pew Research Center, married men are leading richer lives. Literally. Here's the breakdown: the median household income for married men has gone up by 60 percent since 1970, while the income for single men has only shot up by 16 percent. The trade-off for succumbing to a life limited to one sexual partner for the rest of one's life? Maybe. Though Pew has several other, more logical explanations.

man earning more money than woman
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Men Like To Earn More Than Their Wives

The study "The Impact of Relative Earnings Among Dual-Earner Couples on Career Satisfaction and Family Satisfaction" reveals that men feel better about their careers if they make more money then their wives. Wives also feel better about their careers depending on money, but feel worse about their home lives. This isn't true with men. Money doesn't effect how men view themselves at home.

Step-By-Step Guide To Having The Money Talk
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Step-By-Step Guide To Having The Money Talk

They say you’re never supposed to talk about money, but in the recession, it’s kind of hard not to. Despite a growing savings rate, there has been massive income loss and a dramatic devaluing or even obliteration of assets. For a lot of us, money is forefront and ever-present on our minds.