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I don't believe in MAGIC!. But I do believe in magic.
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Why "Rude" By MAGIC! Is The Absolute Worst Song Ever

The song "Rude" by the band MAGIC! is annoying and stupid. It's annoying and stupid for a few reasons. One of those reasons is the fact that the band stylizes their name as "MAGIC!," which makes my job as an editor difficult, because I have to insert a stupid exclamation point in the middle of a sentence for no reason.

Spending Your First Christmas At The In-Laws

Spending Your First Christmas At The In-Laws

"Mother-in-law." Never before have three seemingly benign words been strung together that create such a fear-inspiring, hackle-raising, hair-pulling sense of dread. If your in-laws cause you to quiver and quake, the thought of enduring their prolonged company over Christmas may be causing you sleepless nights. Well, toss and turn no more. By taking a pragmatic approach to the holidays and following a few easy, peace-keeping tips, you can have a great Christmas and improve your relationship with the very people who raised your spouse.

A Parenting & Love Dilemma: Every Year, My In-Laws Ruin Christmas
Is there such a thing as too many gifts?
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Every Year, My In-Laws Ruin Christmas

I've tried to make my kids understand that they have more than enough stuff and that millions of kids have nothing. I want them to be more grateful and less greedy. It's been largely a losing effort, a fact I am confronted with every December. And I blame my mother-in-law. There. I said it.

Getting Through The Holidays With Good Mental Health
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Getting Through The Holidays With Good Mental Health

The Holidays are not easy for a lot of us.  For many suddenly being put together with relatives or in-laws or even certain friends, or maybe having no one to be with, all of these combinations plus the memories the holidays evoke and the yearnings of anticipation set us up for a miserable time. How can we overcome this scenario and have a great time? Here are are some solutions based on real people.

apple pie a la mode
Wouldn't YOU marry the person who baked this pie?

The Pie That Got Me Married

My husband and I come from different worlds. He comes from solid Midwestern stock. They repress their feelings, eat casserole and play baseball. My family? We're a mess of anxiety disorders, we listen to Gilbert and Sullivan and our favorite sport is Chinese Checkers. So, the moment Dave proposed, and I said "yes," I knew I had to do something.

Are You Dating A Momma's Boy?
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Are You Dating A Momma's Boy?

Have you ever dated a guy and for the most part, things are good? He’s smart, funny, and attractive. He hits most of your major “must haves” however; there is one thing that bothers the hell out of you…. His mother! Does it seem like she is always around, sticking her nose into your relationship with him? She is needy and constantly calls him no matter how minor or severe the crisis of the day may be? She comes over unannounced, cooks cleans and does his laundry.

Couples Therapy
In-laws, parenting and finances are reasons to go to couples therapy.
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6 Reasons To Consider Couples Therapy

Often, couples therapy carries a negative stigma, preventing many from reaping its benefits. But there are plenty of reasons couples go to therapy, outside the threat of splitting up.

holiday fight
Avoid a fight with your husband over his family.
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How To Avoid The Family Drama This Year

The holidays are ripe for unearthing family dramas, often featuring a popular story line about competing loyalties. Though there are variations on the plot, the focus here will be on this dynamic as it plays out with men and their mothers.

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Win Over Your Mother-In-Law In 5 Simple Steps

My mother-in-law is great. Thoughtful, helpful, smart, and not the least bit annoying to hang out with — even over long periods of time. And no, I'm not just saying this because she might stumble upon this article online! When I hear all the horror stories from my friends, I thank my lucky stars that I somehow managed to snag not only the perfect guy — but a great mother-in-law to boot. Sorry to brag, but, trust me, she's worth bragging about! So how did she become so awesome? Well, she gives all the credit to her own mother-in-law — who, she claims, was the best mother-in-law ever. And every day, she says, she tries to live by her example.

mother in law/daughter in law
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How To Have A Great Relationship With Your Mother-In-Law

The Mother-in-Law (MIL)/Daughter-in-Law (DIL) relationship is often very complex for a variety of reasons. My own experience has been great, though it wasn’t always easy. My Mother-in-Law, Terry, is wonderful! She warmly welcomed me into the family, she has always been supportive, fairly undemanding (I'll have to explain that one to her!), and has worked harder than anyone I have ever seen to develop and maintain relationships with me, her oldest son’s wife, her daughter’s husband and all of her grandchildren. She is truly an inspiration and I have often told her that she should write a “how-to” book for other Mothers-in-Law. (We’re actually considering working on one together!)

couple flip flops labor day
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How To Make Labor Day The Most Romantic Day Of The Year [GALLERY]

Summer 2011 officially comes to a close next Monday, September 5, and we're all looking forward to relaxing during the long weekend. With a multitude of party ideas to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming for couples to decide what to do for Labor Day. So we here at YourTango compiled some of our favorite festivities inspirations, perfect for any couple looking to spend quality time with each other and their family and friends.