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"In 2013, there's no excuse for having bad teeth." Photo:
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What Women Really Think … Of Your Teeth

Are perfectly straight pearly whites a necessity? Or are crooked teeth somehow charming? What makes a sexy mouth? With a photo of MacGowan to get everyone in the holiday mood, the conversation started.

19 Bath & Body Essentials For His & Her Needs
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19 Bath & Body Essentials For His & Her Needs

Those words have been uttered by married couples for a long time. You may have even said something similar to this to your spouse this morning. We get it, we’ve been there ourselves over the years. In marriage you need to have the bath and body essentials at your fingertips so you are ready for these situations. Having these essentials in your bathroom or bedroom can take care of morning breath, sweaty crotch, freshening up before and after sex, and much more.

If I Had To Do the Last 24 Hours Over . . . .

If I Had To Do the Last 24 Hours Over . . . .

by Julie Robinson Let’s face it: women have a tendency to overkill reflection. We ponder the “what ifs” to such a degree we talk ourselves into believing all sorts of nonsense. Only a woman would believe, for example, that the reason her man didn’t come home when he said he would was because he was in some horrible accident. The real reason the cute online guy didn’t write you back?

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Is Bad Breath The Ultimate Dating Dealbreaker?

If you have romance in mind—and who doesn't in February—you might want to avoid the garlic clams or onion rings. According to an online survey sponsored by Listerine, bad breath was the no. 1 turn-off when it came to dating. Even rude behavior and cheapness were considered more forgivable.

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Nobody Wants To Date A Smoker

It looks like smoking may be one of the biggest deal breakers out there. In fact, in a relatively small sample, it looks like even smokers would prefer not to date smokers. On top of that, most people can't quit smoking without some kind of aid. Not a great day to be a smoker.

signs of doomed relationship
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15 Signs Your Relationship Won't Last

The Frisky's “Mind of Man” columnist has argued that couples moving in together is the kiss of death for a relationship. This other writer thinks he's crazy—always, always, always move in together before you commit to marriage!—but there are other real kiss of death moments for couples. Check out "15 Signs You're Headed For Bed Death" below. Just don't be mad if you decide to dump your boyfriend as a result.

getting him to shave
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Facial Hair: Should You Ask Him To Shave?

We've all been there: You come up for air during a heavy makeout session and feel a distinct burning sensation... on your face. Thanks to Loverboy's adoption of the rugged men of "Lost"'s unshaven aesthetic, you've got yourself a case of razor burn worse than when you first tried shaving your legs without water. Love hurts, yes, but it shouldn't be threaten to ruin all of the hard work of your Proactiv regimen. So what's a tactful but smitten woman to do when a dude's facial hair causes her pain? Advice expert Alanna Kalb, author of the upcoming book Stuff Every Woman Should Know, has this to say: "Much like wearing lumberjack plaid, beards make men feel masculine. And men like to feel masculine." In other words, it might be your skin at stake, but it could also be his manhood, so broach the subject with sensitivity.

pubic hair
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Male Perspective: Women, Grow Out Your Pubic Hair

Ladies, let your pubic hair grow. Allow it to run riot like a wild, verdant jungle. Shave not your delicate triangle of womanly power. Not all dudes demand a shorn 'gina. I know that many do, and I apologize on behalf of those creeps. And it is creepy – I can't help but think a lot of dudes drool over the bare look because it's infantilizing. This might not be a conscious kink, but it's true. I'm not so into the pre-pubescent look. In fact, I'm all about '70s porno bush.

Why Men Need You To Groom Them

Why Men Need You To Groom Them

One writer discusses how much women influence men when it comes to grooming. With everything from hygiene to haircuts, a female's touch can make a channel his most confident and attractive self. And it turns out that most women aren't terribly into back hair. Whatever you do make sure to do it gently because under that woolly mammoth is a sensitive soul.