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Tips That Make Living Together Easy

Whether you're getting hitched or embracing the modern tradition of premarital cohabitation, moving in with your significant other is a big deal. From fighting for the covers every night to waking up with the person you love each morning, this new chapter in your life may be rife with happy moments and potential conflicts. While there’s no foolproof plan for avoiding relationship complications after you move in together, following these tips will help make the transition that much easier.

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Poll: You Feel That Way About Sex, Too?

Poll: You Feel That Way About Sex, Too?: I feel like my sex drive must be a distant relative to a bear, because it's in hibernation. I feel like Charlotte was right when she said, "My vagina's depressed." I feel like the only drive I have left is in my car. Because the bedroom one, that's MIA. I can't remember the last time I had sex in an interesting place. I wonder how my husband could possibly want sex after a long, tiring day. I have a wandering mind before (and during) sex. And thinking about errands or who will win Idol just kills the mood. I would rather burn calories at the gym than in the bedroom I love my baby, but had no idea that loss of interest in sex (plus leaky breasts) was part of the deal. I feel like Alanis Morisette's "Ironic" is my theme song -- it's crazy that birth control pills can diminish my sex drive!

Your Marriage Is More Important Than Your Kids
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Your Marriage Is More Important Than Your Kids

Children are most definitely a blessing. They require a substantial investment of our time, attention and resources, but return joy that can’t be measured. However, parents must not lose their relationship in the midst of the overwhelming nature of parenting. Spouses can be intentional about their marriage so the whole family can thrive. After nearly 15 years of marriage, I’m still learning this. Small improvements in your family can make a big difference. Don’t feel guilty when you are taking time for your marriage. Remind yourself that you are benefiting your children as well. The alternative is to do nothing, and continue the almost imperceptible drift apart.

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What To Avoid When Mixing Your Friends

You've met his friends; he's met yours. Now it's time to add fruity cocktails and mix. Short of introducing your parents to his, combining your two sets of friends—especially if they exist in very different worlds—is one of the most nerve-wracking milestones in a relationship. And since summertime is party time, it's probably going to happen in the next month or so. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure it's not a complete disaster.

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Twitter Top 10: Who To Follow For Marriage Advice

Marriage isn't some simple happily ever after. Sure, there are those happy moments, but there are the other times when you need to make sure that you aren't the only ones throwing knives at each other over the laundry. For those moments and for the happy ones, we have a list of top 10 tweeps, who tweet about marriage. And while we are on the subject, if you aren't following Traditional Love on Twitter then get on it! We tweet marriage news and our latest posts.

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When A Younger Sister Marries First

Growing up, I was never the girl who dreamed of her perfect wedding gown or envisioned where the ceremony would take place. Instead, my future consisted of covering concerts and stalking bands for an interview. There's nothing wrong with that, right?

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Marriage Rules That Are Made To Be Broken

The two of you should do everything together; work out every disagreement (without actually fighting); spend every night in the same bed; and never, ever be bored. Say what?! These and other so-called “rules” for marriage need some serious debunking. And it’s not just because rules your mother may have passed on are outdated; some may be downright damaging. In fact, “breaking some marriage ‘rules’ may be the best thing you can do for your relationship,” says Barbara Bartlein, RN, MSW, psychotherapist and author of Why Did I Marry You Anyway? Here are 10 rules you can break with confidence.

Help! I Dreamt I Cheated with My Ex
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Help! I Dreamt I Cheated with My Ex

I t’s not just men who have wet dreams—women have sex dreams too. Some dreams get so hot and heavy women can achieve orgasm; hopefully she remembers when she wakes up… Your ex is apart of your life and it’s natural for you to remember and reflect on any good sex you might have once had.

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Being A Dad Makes Me A Better Husband

The other woman in my life, Sophia, is my 2-and-a-half-year-old daughter. Sure, children can arrest marriages: maybe Mom has to put a career on hold, or Dad realizes he just isn't ready to be a dad, or mom and dad bicker constantly over the cumulative array of child-rearing decisions (diet, vaccines, public or private school?—the list is endless). But it shouldn't be this way. In fact, the more time I spend with my daughter, the more attuned I become to what I love about my wife.

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My Gay Ex-Husband Still Lives A Secret Life

Within two years of reuniting, I sold my home in California and moved to Virginia to be with him. We moved into an apartment temporarily while our dream home was being built from the ground up, and Gary proposed to me on the newly poured foundation. Eight months later, we received the keys to our new home, and we were married the same evening in our empty dining room. For a while, my life seemed perfect. I had a handsome husband, a brand-new home, we both had stable careers. My husband went to work every day and came home on time every night, which gave me such a sense of security. I should have been a very happy woman, but for some reason, I wasn't. I started spiraling into a deep depression, and I couldn't understand why.

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Secret Tips From Successful Marriages

Since I’ve been married for 20 years, I’ve been elected to dig up some of the truths about married life. I had some ideas of my own, but I also polled a bunch of my long-married friends. They told me that over the years, their eyes had been opened—and it has not always been pleasant.

Poll: Have You Snooped On His Email?

Poll: Have You Snooped On His Email?

Poll: Have You Snooped On His Email?: Yes, I snooped and it was totally justified! Yes, I snooped, but I'm not proud of it. No, I've never snooped, but I'm thinking about it. No, I never snoop and I never will.