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8 Tips To Make Your Marriage Work & Why It's Worthwhile To Try
"All marriages are happy. It's the living together afterward that causes all the trouble."

8 Tips To Make Your Marriage Work & Why It's Worthwhile To Try

Think of a hot, successful date with someone you're attracted to. You have fun, great conversation and more sexual chemistry than a warehouse full of pheromones. You don't have to "work at" the date because it's self sustaining. It runs as smoothly as the gliding hand of a classical guitar maestro and you can't wait for another rendition. But marriage, or any long term relationship; well that's a whole other caboodle.

Happy Wife, Happy Life: What Every Husband Needs To Know [EXPERT]
Listening goes a long way!
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Happy Wife, Happy Life: What Every Husband Needs To Know

When you tell your wife you are truly listening and paying attention, it is very important to mean it. This is because your wife knows when you are actually paying attention and when you are not. You might look like and act like you're listening, but your wife intuitively knows that you're really tuning her out!

Making a base camp for your cat is a good thing. Just make sure it isn't in the man cave!
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9 Ways To Help Your Partner Love Your Cat

Jackson Galaxy is a cat behaviorist who stars on Animal Planet's "My Cat From Hell," and has often been called the Cat Whisperer. One of the problems he most frequently encounters on his show, which documents his adventures counseling owners of misbehaving cats, are cats who seem to hate one half of a couple.

My husband stopped to rescue a kitten when no one else would.
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How A Cat Showed Me What A Great Dad My Husband Would Be

I’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals and restaurant servers. Even if you aren’t an animal person, and honestly, I don’t think I am, there’s still a way to create creatures with respect and kindness. My husband and I had many early dinner dates, and I was always impressed with how he treated wait-staff. He was polite but not flirty with the pretty ones, and he always tipped well but not gratuitously. And he had a rescued greyhound that he took amazing care of, so I knew that he was a decent human being. But there was one event that happened early in our relationship that really helped me see the kind of man he was.

married sex
Spice up your sex life with these 5 tips!
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5 Ways To Keep Married Sex Exciting

Current television programs, magazine articles, movies and music don't represent marriage very well. The area they do the worst job covering is married sex. In many ways, even though most of the single people I know want to get married, the marriage rate has gone down. Couples who believed that cohabitating would keep their sex hot have been disillusioned and disappointed when they find out that what keeps sex hot is the security of a committed relationship.

Do you follow these three rules?
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3 Rules For Staying Married Happily Ever After

If you've been paying any attention at all, you're keenly aware that happily married couples are an endangered species. You probably know the divorce statistics (50%) and when you go to the grocery store, you see the magazine covers highlighting the breakups of politicians, athletes, singers, and actors.

stop sign nag-free week
A recent study revealed nagging to be more toxic to marriage than infidelity.
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How I Learned To Stop Nagging My Husband

After our daughter was born, I realized I needed to give up some control in order to quit nagging my husband. I could no longer micro-manage trash day, toilet scrubbing and the proper placement of towels after a shower. I needed to begin to trust that even without my seemingly gentle reminders, things would get done.

couple holding hands
Sometimes, you have to let your man take the lead in the relationship.
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Wives, Do You Honor Your Husbands?

It was a quick wake up call to learn that my husband didn't feel I honored him--and then I set out to learn what honoring your spouse really means. In a world where traditional values pull us women in one direction and modern notions pull us in another, are we really still expected to submit to our husbands?

8 Ways to Win Your Wife's Heart Forever

8 Ways to Win Your Wife's Heart Forever

The Secrets of Happily Married Men "Manly men rest assured: You can hope to become a better Husband without having to get in touch with your feminine side. . . . Lively and entertaining, this broad guidebook provides Haltzman's insights illuminated by Anecdotes from his Online discussion forum for married men."

Do you ever wonder why your man is leaving you sexually frustrated?
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What To Do If Your Man Says 'No' To Sex (2 of 2)

There are quite a few possible reasons for why a man won't have sex with his woman. Most of these reasons are not within our female powers to control and fix—reasons like he is gay or he is a sex addict who can only have sex with women who he doesn't feel an emotional connection with, etc. However, don’t let the thought of those reasons get you down just yet!

Holiday Gift Guide For Every Love Stage: Married
"Oh, you shouldn't have dear!"

Holiday Gift Guide For Every Love Stage: Married

This is one of the reasons you got married — so you can spend the holidays with your husband or wife. Whether it's your first season together or your 30th, you never get tired of the look on your significant other's face when they open the perfect gift you hand-selected for them.

broken heart mending
Strong marriages can survive sexual betrayal.
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Can Your Marriage Recover From An Affair?

For many, an affair is a deal-breaker. It's the end of the relationship, a sign that the spouses need to move on, and a black and white issue with little recourse. But in longer marriages, especially when kids are involved, infidelity doesn't have to end the marriage. Some marriages can recover.