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Spice up your sex life with these 5 tips!
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5 Ways To Keep Married Sex Exciting

Current television programs, magazine articles, movies and music don't represent marriage very well. The area they do the worst job covering is married sex. In many ways, even though most of the single people I know want to get married, the marriage rate has gone down. Couples who believed that cohabitating would keep their sex hot have been disillusioned and disappointed when they find out that what keeps sex hot is the security of a committed relationship.

Do you follow these three rules?
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3 Rules For Staying Married Happily Ever After

If you've been paying any attention at all, you're keenly aware that happily married couples are an endangered species. You probably know the divorce statistics (50%) and when you go to the grocery store, you see the magazine covers highlighting the breakups of politicians, athletes, singers, and actors.

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A recent study revealed nagging to be more toxic to marriage than infidelity.
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How I Learned To Stop Nagging My Husband

After our daughter was born, I realized I needed to give up some control in order to quit nagging my husband. I could no longer micro-manage trash day, toilet scrubbing and the proper placement of towels after a shower. I needed to begin to trust that even without my seemingly gentle reminders, things would get done.

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Sometimes, you have to let your man take the lead in the relationship.
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Wives, Do You Honor Your Husbands?

It was a quick wake up call to learn that my husband didn't feel I honored him--and then I set out to learn what honoring your spouse really means. In a world where traditional values pull us women in one direction and modern notions pull us in another, are we really still expected to submit to our husbands?

8 Ways to Win Your Wife's Heart Forever

8 Ways to Win Your Wife's Heart Forever

The Secrets of Happily Married Men "Manly men rest assured: You can hope to become a better Husband without having to get in touch with your feminine side. . . . Lively and entertaining, this broad guidebook provides Haltzman's insights illuminated by Anecdotes from his Online discussion forum for married men."

Do you ever wonder why your man is leaving you sexually frustrated?
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What To Do If Your Man Says 'No' To Sex (2 of 2)

There are quite a few possible reasons for why a man won't have sex with his woman. Most of these reasons are not within our female powers to control and fix—reasons like he is gay or he is a sex addict who can only have sex with women who he doesn't feel an emotional connection with, etc. However, don’t let the thought of those reasons get you down just yet!

Holiday Gift Guide For Every Love Stage: Married
"Oh, you shouldn't have dear!"

Holiday Gift Guide For Every Love Stage: Married

This is one of the reasons you got married — so you can spend the holidays with your husband or wife. Whether it's your first season together or your 30th, you never get tired of the look on your significant other's face when they open the perfect gift you hand-selected for them.

broken heart mending
Strong marriages can survive sexual betrayal.
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Can Your Marriage Recover From An Affair?

For many, an affair is a deal-breaker. It's the end of the relationship, a sign that the spouses need to move on, and a black and white issue with little recourse. But in longer marriages, especially when kids are involved, infidelity doesn't have to end the marriage. Some marriages can recover.

couple kissing holiday mistletoe christmas
Make sure to slot in some time for kissing under the mistletoe this holiday season!
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5 Tips For Making Holiday Plans With Your Partner

The holidays are a jam-packed time full of lavish parties, loads of fun, and hopefully just a handful of obligatory commitments. If you're in a serious relationship, chances are much of this time will be spent with your partner.

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What makes women happy?
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The Top 5 Things Wives Want From Their Husbands

What makes women happy? Believe it or not, it tends to be the little things that make women the most satisfied in relationships. We spoke with Dr. M. Gary Neuman, family counselor and author of "Connect to Love," who, based on his research, gave us some insights on what women want.

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How to host your boyfriend/fiance/husband at your parents' house without awkwardness.
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10 Rules For Sex At Your Parents' House During Thanksgiving

Ahh, Thanksgiving. A time of turkey, travel, tryptophan, and repeated viewings of "A Christmas Story" surrounded by family. If you're coupled up in a relationship, you boo is probably in the picture, too, and perhaps-awkwardly negotiating an overnight bedroom situation.

7 Positions to Sleep in that Will Excite the Man of Your Dreams
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7 Positions to Sleep in that Will Excite the Man of Your Dreams

Body language reveals our true feelings, and your relationship partner has no trouble with picking up on this physical queue. But what does your body language say while you are sleep? Are there sleeping positions that will excite the man of your dreams? In sleep, we are our most honest, vulnerable selves and certain sleep positions can immediately evoke sensual thoughts and pleasures.

How To Date Again After Losing A Husband
How To Date Again After Losing A Husband

How To Date Again After Losing A Husband

When you find yourself alone after losing your loving husband, you may feel completely clueless as to how to get back in the dating game. How will you meet someone new? A Young Widow On Loss And New Love In this video, Lifestyle Transitions Coach and YourTango Expert, Inez Bracy offers her helpful and comforting advice. Only when you realize who you are on your own can you learn what kind of man you're looking for now.