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he's not my type; the one
"You just never know until you know."

When 'He's Not My Type' Ends Up Being 'The One'

"He wasn't my type. We worked together, and he kept asking me to do things with him, in a collegial sort of way. But when my friends asked if he might be a romantic possibility, I assured them that he wasn’t my type at all. I had always been attracted to powerful older men—the kind who charm the pants off every woman they meet. You can imagine how well this worked out for me." He just wasn't her type; but she married him anyway. Upon their first meeting, Leslie Bennetts was convinced that her husband of 18 years was totally wrong for her. Years later, she marvels at how little she knew back then. Turns out, he was the one.


Actress Blythe Danner on Love and Loss

"Bruce would not want us to wallow in our grief, and I always hear him … His voice is always there saying, 'Get on with it.' There was a saying that I loved, and that he loved, by Robert Frost: 'In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.'" Actress Blythe Danner publicly discusses the loss of her husband Bruce for the first time.