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Love Poems For Him
Love poems for your enjoyment.
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Love Poems For Him: Amazing Words For Your Amazing Man

Let’s face it. You’re not Wordsworth. But don’t you ever find yourself in need of a poem to express your love for your boyfriend or husband, can’t seem to write one that sounds genuine and are totally unable find ones that aren’t cheestastic? Look no further. We’ve handpicked six of our favorite love poems for him, here for your (and his) pleasure.

wedding photobomb
Wedded bliss, right?
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12 Hilariously Epic Wedding Photobombs

Every bride dreams of her wedding day and an album of perfectly unforgettable photos to memorialize it. The album she envisions doesn't necessarily include an infiltration from the Navy SEALs or a nude stranger bathing in a nearby lake, but sometimes that's what she gets anyway. Check out these twelve hilarious wedding photobombs.

having it all
How would I feel being "just a mom"?
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How My Daughter Helped Me Redefine 'Having It All'

I'm about to say something that many people never get to say in their lifetimes: I love my job. Well, I did love my job. There was a time I couldn't imagine leaving. Then I got pregnant. There's so much talk these days about "having it all" — raising a child while working full-time at a fulfilling job. But maybe the issue is not so black and white. I certainly wasn't sure what "having it all" meant for me.

commitment, husband
Do you take your marriage for granted?

A Message From My Husband That Shook Me To The Core

My husband came home from work one day and handed me a book about improving our marriage. "Am I really that bad?" I asked, looking down at the book as my lips began to quiver and mascara ran down my cheeks. Without hesitation, he replied, "Yes." I realized that passing the book to me was his cry for help. Maybe the last one he'd deliver. I suddenly felt sad, scared and very, very sorry.

How to Bring the Spark Back in Your Marriage and Make Him Happy!
Experts Blog

How to Bring the Spark Back in Your Marriage and Make Him Happy!

Have you been married for years and you'd love to bring that spark back into your marriage? What if you could make your husband happy? Would you do it? I have a very inspiring success story to share with you today. It's from Kathy, one of my wonderful coaching clients. But before we go any further, it's good to note that I actually do not offer "relationship coaching" services. True!

Husband Material
Choose the dude who puts that kind of smile on your face.

15 Random Signs He's Husband Material

Choosing whether or not to spend the rest of your life with a guy is a pretty weighty decision, on par with other scary decisions like whether you should eventually be responsible for the well-being of another human. Or whether you should have pizza for the fourth day in a row.

five guys
Do you know these types of guys?
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5 Types Of Guys Who Are NOT Husband Material

In general, women tend to rely on words, whereas men rely on actions. So, when men speak sweetly to women, women believe them, even if they don't behave accordingly. Men, on the other hand, see how women behave, and interpret the behavior to mean what they want to believe, regardless of what the woman says.

Happy Hubby
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Happy Hubby

  This past Valentine’s Day, when my husband opened his present he started laughing uncontrollably and then he exclaimed,  “Oh Honey! This is the best present I’ve ever received!” I was totally unprepared for his reaction, but I felt pretty darned proud of myself. 

The Dirty Little Secret of A Control Freak
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The Dirty Little Secret of A Control Freak

About six times a year I travel for business leaving my husband and at least two children and a high-energy alpha puppy behind.  My typical practice prior to leaving is to compose an outrageously detailed novella on what my husband and children must do during every moment that I am gone.  Some common sentences from the novella include, “Feed my dog”  “Wake the children up for school”  “Feed the kids breakfast and don’t miss the bus”  “Lock the door before bedtime” and the apparently less than obvious, “P