sexy cop
Take us downtown, officer.
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NYPD Hottie With A Heart Of Gold: Will You Marry Us?

If this police officer is not the embodiment of every Prince Charming fantasy any woman has ever had — handsome, in uniform, generous, stepping in to put shoes on someone's feet (ahem, glass slipper) — then we don't know who is.  Recently, an NYPD officer took the vow to 'protect and serve' to a new and swoon-alicious level. It was a blistery cold evening in the Big Apple, and Larry DePrimo — a hardcore hottie if we've ever seen one — happened to notice an elderly, barefooted homeless man.

How To Handle Your Mother-In-Law During The Holidays [EXPERT]
How do you handle your in-laws?
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How To Handle Your Mother-In-Law During The Holidays

Family problems can be difficult to manage at any time, but during the holidays, the stress that surrounds them seems to be worse. All around us, we're bombarded by images of happy families and there seems to be a societal pressure for everyone to live up to these images. Sometimes though, that's just not possible to do.

Holidays with your In-laws: Your wife thinks your mom is a witch
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Holidays with your In-laws: Your wife thinks your mom is a witch

It’s early November and Miranda feels her tension levels rising with each passing day.  The Holidays are approaching, and she dreads this time of year because she knows she’ll eventually have to see her Mother-in-law.  Miranda doesn’t exactly know why her relationship with her Mother-in-law is strained, but whenever she sees them, she seems to make it abundantly clear that Miranda is not part of their family.  For example, even though she’s been married to her husband Sean for eleven years, whenever there’s a family photo taken, her Mother-in-

Breast Cancer awareness
I survived breast cancer -- while competing as a swimmer.
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How I Swam My Way Through Breast Cancer

I stood on the swim platform at the stern of the Sea Satin, a 36-foot Dutch Steel ocean cruiser, shivering, teeth chattering with the frigid 60° F water of the English Channel lapping over my feet and ankles. I was wearing only my navy blue speedo swim suit, white silicone cap and green tinted goggles.

'Bride-Napping' Is Still A Trend Around The World
In some countries, the bride-stealing custom is one of the oldest marriage traditions.
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'Bride-Napping' Is Still A Trend Around The World

It's one of Romania's more colorful customs: bride-napping. And the tradition of snatching the bride from under the nose of groom and guests with the wedding party in full swing is getting bigger, brasher and an increasingly common sight in the Romanian capital, the Balkans' undisputed party town.

topless woman
National Go Topless day, you say? Tell me more...
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Sunday, Aug. 26 Is National Go Topless Day!

Women who want the federal government to advance the rights of women to go topless anywhere that men can — at a beach, pool, gym, yoga class — will bare their breasts and celebrate "Go Topless Day," an annual event that takes place the last Sunday in August in cities all over the U.S. and the world.

bikini butt
Why are we so taken by her choice of tattoo placement?

In Defense Of The Butt Tattoo

Why are we so taken by Maria Louise Del Rosario's choice of tattoo placement? Is it because we cringe at the presumed pain and feel like we have to share our collective "ouch" in a social media reflex? Is it because we all still like to say "anus" (it is a fun word), kind of an ode to our inner 12-year-old? Or is it because (for some) the anus still remains one of the last sexual roads less often traveled?