Research Confirms That Pregnant Women Do Get Const


A study conducted by the University of Iowa shows that pregnant women do sometimes get constipated. In a forthcoming edition of Obstetrics & Gynecology, the researchers state that about half of the women in their study got a bit bunched up during one of the three (or so) trimesters.

There is no word when the study about pregnant women having to tinkle like Secretariat is coming out (and thank you, Juno). Having common knowledge confirmed is nice, because sometimes those elderly wives’ tales are a little iffy. For instance, can gender really be determined by where a woman is carrying the baby? At any rate, the study goes on to say that women that were prone to constipation before the baby were more prone to getting it during. Maybe the baby is stealing some of the natural pooping enzymes. That seems unlikely. In all seriousness, someone should follow up this study with a reading on how safe laxatives are for mom and baby. This could really be a great industry to get into. Something for heartburn that also does something to loosen bowels. Gross.

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