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Study Gives New Meaning To The Phrase "Dirty Cheater"

If cheating itself isn't bad enough, now science confirms that cheaters, on top of being assholes, are also less likely to wrap it up before having sex with someone who isn't their partner. Gross! Let's just pour some (green, oozing) salt on that open wound, shall we?

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HPV Vaccine Now Recommended For Both Girls And Boys

The Centers for Disease Control panel voted Tuesday to recommend boys as young as 11 receive the HPV vaccine. Doctors say vaccinating boys and men will help prevent transmission of the virus that causes cervical cancer to women as well as protect boys and men from cancers of the penis and rectum.

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Living With HPV: An STD Ended My Relationship

Imagine hearing some guy you'd like to sleep with talk about his ex: she has this STD, she got it from him, there's no test for it, and there's a chance that being physical with him—even with all other safety precautions—may lead to a whole terrifying smorgasbord of side effects, and that he'd like you to know all this before going any further. It can be a bit of a mood killer.

Eric Amaranth's Safe, Safer, and Super-Safe Sex Methods
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Eric Amaranth's Safe, Safer, and Super-Safe Sex Methods

I have been interested in hot safe sex since the beginning of my sex life. I've always cared deeply for the women I'm with's peace of mind during and after having sex with me as much as my own. Twice I've sealed the erotic deal because I was ready with condoms, lube, and an honest attitude. They could feel that I was the real thing, telling the truth, and not one of those jackasses who pull off the condom in the middle of it or right before they orgasm inside her.

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Uh-Oh: 50 Percent Of Men May Have HPV

Well, this isn't good news. A study released in the Lancet by Moffitt Cancer Center indicates that half of men aged 18 to 70 in Mexico, Brazil and the U.S. may be affected by the human papillomavirus (HPV), known as the leading cause of cervical cancer. Until now, most of the attention given to HPV has focused on how the disease endangers women. What most people may not know is that in addition to causing cervical cancer and genital warts in women, HPV can cause cancer of the head, neck, mouth, the tongue, tonsils, genitals and anus in both sexes.

Eric Amaranth's Story on HPV Fears and Testing, part 1
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Eric Amaranth's Story on HPV Fears and Testing, part 1

HPV is a sexually transmitted disease, or STD, that has concerned me for a number of years more than any other out there. We know that this is the form that can create cervical cancer which I have blogged about vis a vi my reservations on the vaccine Gardasil. What isn't common knowledge is the fact that the cancer-causing forms of this virus can and are producing cancerous lesions on other skin and mucous membrane surfaces it sets up shop on. Namely your throat, vagina, rectum and anus, and the surface of your genitals. This is not a women-only disease.

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Best Of The Web: Halloween Mayhem

The 50 best couples costumes. What men really think about sexy costumes. What to think about a man's costume. What to do when your guy is too cool to join in the Halloween fun. Cute costumes for singles ready to mingle. How to explain to kids what sexy costumes mean. 22 costumes that will not get you action. Is your costume racist? Is online dating racist? Is your dude going to get mouth or throat cancer from being really nice? And do men like providing a certain really, really nice service?

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How To Cope When HPV Steals Your Fertility

After 13 years of regular pap tests and generally healthy living, a then-31 year-old Christine Baze was diagnosed with cervical cancer two weeks after her gynecologist had informed her that she had HPV—human papillomavirus. There are nearly 200 known types of HPV; some lead to a variety of cancers, including cervical cancer. In the eight years since then, Baze has founded The Yellow Umbrella, a nonprofit dedicated to educating women about HPV prevention. In this article, she tells her story and gives valuable advice on how to deal with—and prevent—this tricky virus.

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How To Live And Love With An STD [VIDEO]

Millions of Americans each year are diagnosed with an STD. For most people, finding out that you have an STD may seem like devastating news, but it doesn't have to be. As this video proves, maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner while treating your STD does not have to be mutually exclusive.

STDs and Sex

STDs and Sex

Were going to go over STDs, Sex, and how not to catch one of these popular little friends that run ramped across the globe.