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Marriage Advice: How Skype Can Strengthen Your Marriage
We use technology for everything. Why not use it to better your relationship?
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3 Ways Skype Can Save Your Marriage

With all the "to dos" on our busy life schedule, it can be hard to find time as a couple. Thankfully, technology can help us out. Find out how Skype can help give your marriage the attention it needs.

woman upset at husband
On those days that you wish you could bring him back for repairs.

You Can't Change Your Husband. Can You?

Maybe the media blows it out of proportion but it seems like we often spend a lot of time trying to change others around us. Although most of the time we mean well, is this actually hurting our loved ones?

Dating Coach: Keep The Spark Alive
Rediscover the gratitude you have for your partner.
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Fall In Love With Your Man ... All Over Again!

If the daily stressors of life are putting a damper on your relationship, listen up: you CAN find your loving place again. Dating coach and matchmaker Marla Martenson has some great ideas for reminding yourself — and your honey — how lucky you are!

How To Save A Relationship: Laugh Together!
Break out a smile!
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How To Save A Relationship: Laugh Together!

While there are a wealth of studies that delve into what makes for a successful relationship — Is it the quality of the sex? Openness of communication? Finding the right therapist, because lord knows we all could use some professional assistance? — One pretty obvious benchmark often goes overlooked.

Save Your Marriage From Infidelity and Other Threats

Save Your Marriage From Infidelity and Other Threats

You can save your marriage from divorce despite the reality that divorce statistics have been steadily rising in recent years. We know now that all marriages have between a 40 and 50 percent chance of ending in divorce which is why it's more important than ever to have the necessary skills to ensure your relationship is secure against the threat of divorce. There are some basic steps you can take to actually build a strong, stable marriage and avoid divorce.