Why Take Up Horse Riding as a Hobby

Why Take Up Horse Riding as a Hobby

For many centuries, horse riding has been a popular activity in many countries, especially in the United Kingdom. Even then, the skill of riding, driving and hurdling with horses has always been something that has appealed to many people. Horse riding, also known as equestrianism and horseback riding, has evolved from practical working purposes and transportation, to artistic and recreational activities and competitive sport.

horses couples therapy
The love of an animal is unconditional.
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The Human Whisperers: Horses Act As Couples' Therapists

Picture this: your relationship is on the rocks and you're in the market for a couples' therapist. You conduct an online search, and encounter a form requesting your preference: male, female or...equine? Believe it or not, horses are the latest trend for couples who have reached the end of their ropes and are seeking to restore their connection.

Preakness kiss
A couple makes out near the port-a-johns in the infield at Preakness 2006.
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Get Your Preakness On! 3 Tips For Hooking Up At The Horse Races

"Growing up in Baltimore, I've attended many infield parties at the second leg of the Triple Crown, the Preakness. Something about that infield makes us all behave like heathens. Don't get me wrong — it's a good time (even though it feels a bit like a war zone). Hook-ups abound, and there are plenty of opportunities to merge with the opposite sex."

kentucky derby girl
It's almost time for the Kentucky Derby! Get your huge hats and Mint Juleps ready!
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3 Racy Kentucky Derby Inspired Dates!

With May just around the corner, we are dusting off our silk gloves and delicate hats in preparation for the Kentucky Derby. If you are like us and will not have the pleasure of watching the races live this year, fear not. There are plenty of ways to bring the rowdy Derby fun to your dating life.

A man and a woman lead horses in a field.

7 Romantic Horse Movies In Honor Of The Kentucky Derby

They say a girl's first love is her horse. Maybe that's true—if she's lucky enough to have one. In American culture, horses have long symbolized adventure and a return to nature in an increasingly industrialized world. It's no wonder that My Little Pony and its ilk are still popular today. The Kentucky Derby wouldn't have the same appeal if there were cars instead of horses racing around Churchill Downs. In literature and film, horses serve their riders in multiple ways. The beautiful animals are strong and often wild, but in need of love and care.