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16 Worst Things About Drunk Sex

Okay, who among us hasn't had the occasional round of drunk sex? Don't lie. It is a bit of a dating fail. There's no shame in it, though there are some things that can really suck. And here they are, all organized and categorized for you enjoyment!

ryan gosling and sandra bullock
Ryan and Sandra? Say WHAT?!

10 Weird Celebrity Hookups You Didn't Know About

Everyone has that one ex who causes you to think, Ugh, why did I ever date him? And celebrities are no exception. It's one thing to be embarrassed about a past relationship. But when you're in Hollywood, it's a yoyo of who's dated who. Can you say incestuous? But just like us, stars aren't immune to making mistakes in the dating department. And thanks to them, we get to gossip about every one-night stand, quick fling or engagement that shouldn't have happened.

casual sex
As with all things in life, it's about your personal comfort zone.
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Just Doing It: In Defense Of Casual Sex

A new study has found that casual sex, if you like it, of course, can actually be good for you, but, as I said, ONLY if you like it. Which actually makes a whole boatload of sense, because who does things they don't like anyway?

couple with glasses kissing
Wrap it up, guys: 51% of female students & 61% of male students have had unprotected sex.
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Majors That Get Laid Most & Other Weird Facts About College Kids

College is usually thought of as the time where young people let loose and fully experiment with their sex lives. Since it's the first time they're living on their own, it's normal to wonder what are they up to. Are they having protected sex? Are they having sleeping partners? Who are they sleeping with? A new British survey has all the answers.

couple in bed
The hookup culture is a great backdrop for a dramatic movie but it's not a reality.
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Let's Talk About Sex: 6 Reasons The 'Hookup Culture' Is A Myth

You've heard all about the "hookup culture". Young people (mostly millennials) who are in college and don't exactly want to be in serious relationships so they have multiple sexual partners and keep it moving. You've seen it play out on TV, movies and in the news. But guess what? It's totally false. Here's the science to back it up.

couple smiling
Hint number one: Does he only call at weird hours of the night?
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Are You His Girlfriend Or His Hookup Buddy? Here's The Difference

So you met at a friend of a friend's party, made eyes at each other all night, hooked up shortly after and then ... nothing. You swap short texts and even shorter phone calls, and continue to see each other (even if it's mostly at night). He seems to be into you, but how do you know for sure?

Man smiling while looking at the phone
"I'm a little bit more cheeky, dirty and raunchy on Tinder, but isn't that the point?"
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What Guys Really Think … Of Tinder

What do guys really think of the Seamless of dating apps? Has Tinder made it easier for them to meet girls? Or just simplified the hookup process? We asked, they told.