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A new (heartbreaking) study reveals how anti-gay sentiment influences life expectancy.
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End The Hate: 7 Horrifying Effects Of Homophobia You Must Know

A new study, the first of its kind, took a look at exactly how homophobia influences death rates. The results are not only upsetting, but it really shakes you to the core because it doesn't have to be this way; this shouldn't have to happen. Here are 7 facts you need to know about the effects homophobia has on LGBT individuals.

Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson
In his interview with GQ, Duck Dynasty's Robertson compared homosexuality to bestiality.

'Duck' Dilemma: Phil Robertson's Remarks Point To A Bigger Issue

The Koran, Torah and New Testament all vilify homosexuals. As much I think Phil Robertson is an ignorant buffoon, the man was simply abiding by the tenets of his faith—he even paraphrased from the New Testament. Our culture is now starting to move past centuries-old biases against sexual orientation, but organized religion has not—and cannot—do the same without abandoning scriptural teachings. if our culture is to advance, we may need to more openly question the ancient Middle-Eastern documents on which we still base it.

Homosexuality: Your Coming Out Journey
How will your spouse react when you tell them you're gay?
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Homosexuality: Your Coming Out Journey

Your coming out journey will affect more than just you. Acceptance of homosexuality can be hard for a spouse to react to, and this life coach knows first-hand. Here are 10 surprising reactions to a spouse's coming out.

Homosexuality: 15 Trailblazing LGBT Athletes
Jason Collins.
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15 Trailblazing LGBT Athletes

Anyone who has come out of the closet can tell you it's no easy thing. But it's even harder to be truthful about your sexuality when you are a professional athlete. There are set standards about who and what you are supposed to be. But some athletes, like English diver Tom Daley, are coming out of the closet, and representing the LGBT community with pride.

Homosexuality: How To Handle The Holidays After You Come Out
There's no sense in feeling glum during the season of sparkle! Photo: andrewrennie, Flickr
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How To (Really) Enjoy Your First Out LGBT Holiday

Coming out and life coach Rick Clemons wants you to relax and enjoy the holiday season. With tips ranging from how to avoid people who don't "get" homosexuality to keeping conversation light and positive, Clemons' seasoned advice will most certainly get you through even the most — ahem — challenging holiday party.

How To Support Gay Kids In A Homophobic World
Let them know they're not the only ones who feel this way.
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How To Support Gay Kids In A Homophobic World

Kids these days have it tough, but gay kids may feel like they're fighting an uphill battle. This coming out coach gives you the tools you need to encourage and nurture your LGBT kid or teen in a world that's sometimes still unfriendly toward homosexuality.

Life Coach: Gay & Engaged? Discuss Your Finances Together
"Before we cut the cake, let's talk insurance policies."
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Gay & Engaged? Don't Forget To Have The Money Talk

As more and more gay couples gain the right to tie the knot, take a moment to consider your finances. What perks and money traps are part of marriage? This coming out and life coach has some real talk for your financial future as a taken man (or woman!).