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One happy couple, celebrating gay pride.
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Celebrate Gay Pride With A Look Back At The Very First Parades

On June 28, 1969, the infamous Stonewall Riots rocked New York, following a police raid of the Stonewall Inn. One year later, the LGBT communities of New York, L.A. and Chicago came together to stage large-scale parades celebrating gay pride in their respective cities. People came from all over the country to show their pride and support, marching with signs, banners, and their most authentic selves.

A happy family, no different than any other.
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Study: Gay Fathers Have Same Brain Chemistry As Hetero Parents

A new study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, proves yet again that same sex couples are essentially no different than heterosexual couples. This study focused on the brain chemistry of gay co-fathers, and discovered that the chemistry in question is similar to that of heterosexual co-parents.

Where do the states land?
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The State Of Gay Marriage In The US

On March 21, Pennsylvania has joined the 18 states (and District of Columbia) who already allow gay marriage, bringing us to a grand total of 19! Rue Landau and Kerry Smith, a lesbian couple, were the first to get a marriage license at Philadelphia City Hall. They made sure to make it since all couples who get a license will have to wait three days to get married unless they can convince a judge to waive the waiting period. Although this is big victory there is still so much more progress to be made, especially in the southeast where there has yet to be a state to allow gay marriage.

The little family.
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Proud Penguin Papas Are Raising Surrogate Chick With Love

A pair of gay Humboldt penguins named Jumbs and Kermit (cutest names ever?) have been a couple since 2012, when they paired up and waddled off in love at the Wingham Wildlife Park in Kent, England. The one sad point in their coupling? They can't reproduce together. As they've exhibited no interest in the female penguins in their habitat, Jumbs and Kermit would never be able to become parents. At least, that's what everyone thought.

Michael Sam and his boyfriend celebrating the good news.
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Revel In The Cuteness Of Michael Sam And His Boyfriend

Adorable isn't often a word that one would apply to a football player, but in the case of Michael Sam, it is an apt description. We are big fans of Sam here; he seems like a genuinely polite, considerate, kind young man. So naturally, when he was drafted to the NFL, we were overjoyed for him. And Michael Sam's reaction to the news that he'd be playing in the big leagues sealed our love for him.