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Dating Coach: Finding A Relationship During Passover Seder
You never know who knows someone who is single and looking!
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Don’t Let Love Passover You This Spring

Dating coach Ronnie Ann Ryan shares the four ways you can increase your chances of finding love on Passover. Remember - don't be shy about telling people you're willing to go on blind dates. They know someone who knows someone who knows someone and you never know - they may just know your future spouse!

mindy kaling
Oh Mindy, never stop talking!
Celebrity Love

Surprising Celebrity Sex Quotes

From love to sex to boys and their toys (looking at you and your Instagram, Franco), the celebs are speaking out on everything that makes them tick in the romance department. Kerr, Kaling and Cook, they're all here!

couple rejection
Handle yourself with grace and dignity and you will become a magnet for your soul mate.
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No Whimps Allowed: Handling Dating Rejection With Grace

Dating and rejection, these two words often seem to go hand-in-hand. It is just part of the equation. Chemistry is not something that can be predicted. So even if the date goes well, that romantic spark might not be there. Matchmaker Marla Martenson explains what to do when it goes sour.

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Now is the time to create new traditions as you move into a new phase of life.
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Just Divorced? 7 Tips For Greeting The Spring Holidays With Grace

While the pleasant memories are worth holding onto, the first holidays you experience post-divorce provide the perfect opportunity to cast off the unhappy ones. Instead of clinging to the legacy of the past, you can choose the pieces of each holiday that you want to keep, and toss away the bits that don't resonate with your new life.