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"When they can't distinguish the difference from 'you're' and 'your,' I'm out!"
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No Thx, Bye! 9 Women Reveal Their Texting Dealbreakers

Gentleman — if you're seeing someone new, you're probably spending a lot of time rewriting your texts, and rethinking what emojis to send to your potential love interest (and if you're not, it's time to start!). Take a hint from the ladies, and read on to find out what innuendos, grammar mistakes, and un-sexy imagery will cause them to call it quits!

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Witness the bond and love of India and Daniel.
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Think That Love Doesn't Heal? You Haven't Seen This Video

For 14 year-old India Brainard, a young woman suffering from cerebral palsy as well as cortical visual impairment and a seizure disorder, her latest stay in the hospital must have seemed interminable. But on the 57th day of her stay in a New Mexico hospital, recovering from surgery, her father arranged a special surprise for her.

Do more rich people engage in sex outside the confines of their marriage?
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Cheating Behavior: Does Where You Live Matter?

New research indicates that one of the richest towns in Britain has the highest number of people engaging in extramarital affairs. Is there a correlation between cheating, where you live and money?

Dating: So You're In Debt, When Should You Tell Them?
So you're in love and you're also broke... when should you bring it up?
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Debt And Dating: When Should You Reveal Financial Troubles?

So you're in love and you're also broke... when should you bring it up? Ask anyone who has been in over their head in debt and they will tell you, it is very easy to rack up a huge amount in no time at all. Nancy Pina tells you how to own up to money challenges at the appropriate time openly and honestly.