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One tip? Schedule travel during a nap or around your child's bedtime.
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Holiday Travels: 9 Tips For You (And Your Kids) To Sleep Soundly

There's so much to love about the holidays. Spending time with family, hot chocolate by the fire, and all the twinkly lights. However, holiday travel can wreak havoc on your child's sleep, thus putting a damper in your otherwise cheery holidays. If one of your holiday wishes is to get more shut-eye, read on for some useful sleep tips you can apply to your child's routine.

Home for the Holidays: Ideas for Your Next Party

Home for the Holidays: Ideas for Your Next Party

The holiday season is filled with festive activities including attending parties, family and friends are coming over to your home for a holiday party and you want it to be special. There are some great ideas for adding extra spice to your party that will make it a more memorable experience. Make Customized Invitations

Holiday Love And Relationships Advice
Indulge in what you love this season.
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Your Drama-Free, Feel-Good Holiday Game Plan

The holidays may seem just as stressful as they are merry, but don't let that harm your relationships. Whether you're single, taken or married with kids, come up with and stick to a strategic game plan to help the holidays run smoothly.

Homosexuality: How To Handle The Holidays After You Come Out
There's no sense in feeling glum during the season of sparkle! Photo: andrewrennie, Flickr
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How To (Really) Enjoy Your First Out LGBT Holiday

Coming out and life coach Rick Clemons wants you to relax and enjoy the holiday season. With tips ranging from how to avoid people who don't "get" homosexuality to keeping conversation light and positive, Clemons' seasoned advice will most certainly get you through even the most — ahem — challenging holiday party.

A Parenting & Love Dilemma: Every Year, My In-Laws Ruin Christmas
Is there such a thing as too many gifts?
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Every Year, My In-Laws Ruin Christmas

I've tried to make my kids understand that they have more than enough stuff and that millions of kids have nothing. I want them to be more grateful and less greedy. It's been largely a losing effort, a fact I am confronted with every December. And I blame my mother-in-law. There. I said it.