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6 Tips For Attending That Holiday Party Solo

It's holiday time again, which for me means lots of parties to go to ... solo. My first instinct is usually to try to snag a pal to bring with me to party crash, but recently, I was invited to a party where the host explicitly instructed guests not to bring a plus one. I was dreading showing up there, thinking it would be uncomfortable, but once I arrived, I embraced it and ended up having a great time. After I deftly extricated myself from a dull conversation with an awkward woman with a neck twitch, I hit it off with a group of dudes with nerdy glasses who shared my love of stupid dance moves. Needless to say, I have a new appreciation for going to parties alone. Here are some tips for making the best of a stag situation.

7 Inexpensive Holiday Gift Ideas
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7 Inexpensive Holiday Gift Ideas

Are you tired of hearing the endless holiday advertisements for “door buster” sales? Seriously, is there really a need to stand in line at a retail chain at 4AM?! American consumerism has distorted the true meaning of the holiday season. The holidays are about honoring religion, as well as expressing affection and gratitude for loved ones.

La Senza Models Singing.
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Singing Lingerie Models Help Holiday Spirits Rise?

From the "Christmas Cheer Has Gotten Out Of Hand" Files: Canadian lingerie company La Senza introduced the Cup Size Choir just in time for the holidays this week. The choir is comprised of models showcasing bra sizes from A to G flirtatiously piping out Deck the Halls while lying on white mattresses. Is this cute or creepy?

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6 Gifts You Should Give Your Spouse All Year Long

I love Christmas. Its a great time of year for family, getting together, Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks, and gifts. Gifts rock. I like getting them. My wife and I differ on gift giving - she is one who likes to give ‘experiences’ not ‘stuff’. A trip together would be a better gift, in her mind, than say, diamond earrings. I'm the opposite, I like getting 'stuff'. I don't connect with ‘experience’ as much as I do a physical ‘gift’. No matter what your gift giving style is, this time of year is a great reminder of the gifts we should be giving throughout the year, and if it takes this particular season to help us remember what we need to be doing more often, that's a good thing.

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How To Avoid Holiday Exhaustion

I love the holidays, but they make me so tired. I am sure there are husbands out there who do all the baking, decorating, shopping, wrapping, card writing, schedule arranging, cooking, cleaning, and advance thinking and planning that goes into the holidays. That's a fantasy I cling to, at least. But in my case, I’m the one who does all of this. To keep myself going and hold it together, I’ve created some strategies to help me survive the Claus season.

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How To Answer Pesky Questions About Your Love Life

"When are you going to give me grandchildren?
 What ever happened to Paul? He was such a nice guy.
 So, are you seeing someone?" If you've ever heard a question like this and not known what to say, you're not alone. "I have so many clients who freeze when they get asked these types of questions," says dating and relationship coach and YourTango Expert Marni Battista. Your life is your own, and you should only talk about things you're comfortable sharing. Here's how you can steer clear of these potential social landmines.

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Be A Family Woman! 10 Gifts His Clan Will Love

Ah, his fam. Whether you’re dying to impress his parents on your first holiday with them, or trying to win over his sister on your tenth, buying for his relatives can be nerve-wracking and complicated. These crowd-pleasing gifts are sure to make everyone happy—without breaking your bank account.

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How To Compromise For Christmas

My husband cannot shop. He’s awful at buying gifts. He tries really hard, but it’s just not his thing. One year, I got socks. Then there were the years where I got electronic gifts – fun for him, but not for me (and no woman really wants a clothes steamer as her big Christmas gift, no matter how useful it is). Once I got a fishing pole. He’s tried to buy jewelry, but I never like it.

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6 Ways Thanksgiving Can Help Your Marriage

Thanksgiving seems to have become "Thanksmas" in our culture. What if we took the time to really nurture Thanksgiving? I would argue that it would be good for you and your marriage. Giving thanks, even when times are tough, is good for us as human beings. Here are some 6 ideas to put Thanksgiving back on your radar.

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Calling All Men! 10 Gifts Your Lady Secretly Wants

OK, so that gift card you got her last year was great because she got to pick out whatever she wanted, but here's a hint: Picking out an actual gift for her will win you more points. Sound daunting? Never fear, YourTango is here! We've got some ideas that'll please even the pickiest lady but won't make your wallet cower in fear.

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Celebrating Halloween could be they key to helping your marriage!
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How Halloween Helped Our Relationship

Throughout our marriage, the tradition of the Halloween spreadsheet has helped us make the holiday our own. Thanksgiving and Christmas are constant negotiations in family demands and time management, but Halloween is all ours to enjoy. Together we carve pumpkins, play games and fuss over the spreadsheet. Often we are invited to parties, but we turn them down. Halloween is our night. And we do allow devils and witches, and all too often my pumpkins are sinister, but I understand now why my parents held so tightly to their traditions of Halloween. And no matter how crazy my future kids think the Halloween spreadsheet is, I going to make them do it.

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9 Fabulous Mother's Day Ideas

If you're a mom, Mother's Day is your big day—the day when no one can complain when you ask them to do something, when people are supposed to show appreciation for you, when you're (theoretically) not allowed to cook or do housework or any of those other things that always seem to fall to mom. Looking for a little something extra this Mother's Day? Here are some creative ideas on what to ask for. Because, honestly? You deserve it.


Mother's Day Gifts For Every Type Of Mom

She's cleaned up scraped knees, wiped away tears, soothed sick tummies, offered sage advice and a little bit of coddling. She teaches right from wrong, and put up with you when no one else would. She's a (constructive?) critic and your biggest fan. She's your mom—or your wife—and there's no way you can repay her for giving birth to you—or your kids. These gifts will at least show her how much you appreciate her, whatever type of lady she is.