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Does your holiday gift-giving style match your guy's?
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Love Bytes: What's Your Couple Holiday Gift-Giving Style?

Men with hamsters are VERY dateable. What happens when you and your guy have different holiday gift styles? Wingwomen are the way of the future. What do you do about Facebook when you break up? Why women cheat on their husbands. How to tell a date you're saving yourself for marriage. 7 signs that you're ready to move in together. And, Kristen Wiig plays "Flirting Expert Rebecca LaRue."

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I hear there are some wild parties in Hell.
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What's Worse: Cheating Or Atheism?

As an atheist, it's nice to know that I'm less likely to ever become president than a devout Christian who's cheated on his wife with everything that moves. Hypocrites much? Even as an atheist, I know the Ten Commandments better than some conservative folks.

Beat the Holiday Blues When You're Single & the World is a Couple
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Beat the Holiday Blues When You're Single & the World is a Couple

If you're single and you'd like to be in a relationship, this time of year can be excruciating. There can seem to be countless ads showing happy-in-love couples giving one another romantic gifts: Cars with big red bows parked outside the house. Glittering jewelry. Even those “Forever Lazy” wearable blanket things. In television ads and in the real life examples of people around you, it can appear that everyone else has a partner to exchange gifts with and to share the season with. Except you.

Stop The Madness! How I'm Reclaiming Christmas For My Family
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Stop The Madness! How I'm Reclaiming Christmas For My Family

Buy, buy, buy. I cringed that the verb was dominating my Christmas to-do list, and it wasn't even December yet. Looking back on my childhood, I remember magical moments with my family more than I remember specific gifts. I want my kids to have these kinds of memories, too, and not just a solid lesson in materialism...

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Stumped on what to get your friend for the holidays?

Holiday Gift Guide For Every Love Stage: Just Friends [GALLERY]

Stumped on what to get the guy or gal in your life who you're just friends with (or just friends with benefits with)? Well, we've hand-selected the perfect holiday presents that are thoughtful enough, but don't convey, "I like you more than I'll admit." Click through our gallery to see our top gift choices for him and for her.

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Don't be that Stalker Girl!
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8 Ways To Keep From Contacting Your Ex This Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a tricky time to be single, even if you've been that way for a while, even if you're totally comfortable with it the other 11 months of the year. Some weird single holiday haze descends and makes the most well-adjusted among us feel like lousy lumps of unwanted coal.

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Express your love by cooking dinner together, going ice skating and more.
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7 Most Romantic Winter Date Ideas!

As the seasons change, so do your date options. Since the days of playful picnics or long walks on the beach are behind us, it's time to find ways to get romantic with your man when the weather outside is frightful.

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Look ma, we're a real couple! Really!
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Temporary Holiday Boyfriends: WTF?

Surprisingly, or maybe unsurprisingly, some singles are looking for temporary relationships for the holiday season. Apparently, it's fine to be single all year long, but when Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever your holiday jam is rolls around, you best be coupled up, sister. And since you can find pretty much everything else on Craigslist, you might as well find a short-term fella to bring home to mom and dad.

Holiday Gift Guide For Every Love Stage: Married
"Oh, you shouldn't have dear!"

Holiday Gift Guide For Every Love Stage: Married

This is one of the reasons you got married — so you can spend the holidays with your husband or wife. Whether it's your first season together or your 30th, you never get tired of the look on your significant other's face when they open the perfect gift you hand-selected for them.

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Sometimes, nice wins over naughty.
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18 Things NOT To Buy Your Boyfriend For Christmas

Wow. I mean, wow. I'm not some kind of religious conservative nutjob, but last time I checked, Christmas was a peaceful holiday that's meant to be celebrated with your family. So when I saw this photo gallery of "18 WTF Christmas-Themed Sex Toys" on The Frisky, I rightly thought... WTF.

Relationship Fail: I'll Hire You To Be My Christmas Party Date!
What's a office holiday party without a hired escort?

Relationship Fail: I'll Hire You To Be My Christmas Party Date!

Obviously, someone is a huge fan of The Wedding Date, the 2005 romantic comedy in which Debra Messing hires sexy Dermot Mulroney to be her plus one at her sister's wedding to make her ex-fiancé jealous. Although, what works in the magic of Hollywood cinema doesn't always translate into real life. But hey, a girl can try, right?

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Where to meet eligible bachelors this December.
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Love Bytes: 8 Ways To Find A Date This Holiday Season

8 places to find a date this December. 5 reasons he's afraid of commitment. 9 TV shows with red-hot sex scenes. 10 ways to spend the holidays by yourself. How to date a friend's ex. 3 common sex problems. One woman's fight with sex addiction.

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Make sure to slot in some time for kissing under the mistletoe this holiday season!
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5 Tips For Making Holiday Plans With Your Partner

The holidays are a jam-packed time full of lavish parties, loads of fun, and hopefully just a handful of obligatory commitments. If you're in a serious relationship, chances are much of this time will be spent with your partner.