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5 Holiday Recipes To Cook Together

Cook together this holiday season! Here are five recipes you can make as a team: hazelnut butter cookies, cherry-orange-walnut rugelach, bourbon-pecan christmas bread pudding, herb-roasted Cornish game hens, cognac-herb gravy.

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17 Holiday Gifts Women Really Want

We asked women from some of the web's top sites to share their holiday wish lists with us, in hopes of every lady getting a great gift this year. Who better to ask than women whose job it is to worm deep into the crannies of the female mind?

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Gifts For Every Type Of Guy

Let's admit that as much as we love our guys and say we'll value any gifts they get us, there's a little disappointment when the pretty package under the tree actually contains a scarf or gift card. Same goes for him, instead of a generic tie, lead buy example and buy a gift that actually suits him. We've done the dirty work for you: here are great finds for every type of guy, and for every budget.

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4 Tips For A Holiday Fling

The holidays are right around the corner, and if egg nog, stuffing and Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" do mysterious things to your libido—fear not. We suffer from the Holiday Friskies, too. We feel your sexually frustrated pain. Whether your parents' guest bedroom has you aching for another's or a holiday getaway is in order, there's nothing like a few guilt-free days off to initiate a bold try with what's-his-name from high school or that-one-over-there at the resort bar (if you're fancy). Regardless, the holidays are a perfect time for a no-strings-attached fling. Here are a few ways to make it run exceptionally smooth.

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6 Safe Conversation Topics For Thanksgiving

Picture it: You’re surrounded by strangers. Or some that you’ve only met once. (Or some that you’re told you’ve met, but you have no recollection of. Sorry, Uncle Dave.) Easy talking points to get you through a marathon meal with his family, and how to prep for the event like a pro.

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5 Yom Kippur Relationship Lessons

As Jews (and a fair number of non-Jews) around the world are well aware, Yom Kippur began on Sunday evening, September 27, at sunset. The Day of Atonement, as it is also known, lasts more than twenty-five hours and is traditionally marked by fasting, prayer, asking for forgiveness and repenting. It is the culmination of the Days of Awe, which begin with the two-day Rosh Hashanah or new year celebration (occurring in 2009 from September 18th to the 20th). One of the world's oldest holidays and one of the most sacred days of the Jewish religion, the Day of Atonement has lessons all of us—Jewish or not—can apply to our lives and our relationships.

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4 Reasons To Love Your Independence On The Fourth

On July 4th, 1776, the American Colonies broke their ties to a tyrant King and began "The Great Experiment" of Democracy. This year, we celebrate 234 years of independence and the rights and freedoms that came along with it. And really, when you think about it, which among us has more of a claim to that inheritance than any of the single ladies out there? Because, as YourTango sees it, they remain the true residents of this land of the free and home of the brave! In this spirit, we've rounded up the top 4 reasons why all the independent women out there should light a roman candle for their life, liberty and ongoing pursuit of happiness. Top 4 Reasons to Love Being Independent on the Fourth 1. Because at 4th of July barbecues, just like with burgers and beer, there's no better time than to bring what you have to the table, take what you want and indulge for a day.

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Valentine's Day 2.0: A New Way To Celebrate

"V-Day." Sounds more like an invasion of Normandy than a day spent celebrating love and romance. And rightfully so. Sometimes the intricacies of preparing for the holiday resemble war-room strategy more than jubilation.For all us fighters out there, trying to stay strong against our own culture, I have some suggestions. Resistance is fine, but subversion is that much better. Don't cross your arms and insist on having a bad time just to spite everyone else. I don't want to overthrow V-Day. I want to reclaim it.

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Tips For A Great New Year's Eve

Advice to make your New Year's Eve special, whether you're going out or staying in. Do drink Glogg; don't drink too much! Do know your party etiquette, don't spend too much time making appetizers. Do dress to impress, but don't worry if you're not going out!