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Single? 4 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

For those of us who find solitude energizing, winter is heaven's cousin: the perfect excuse to stay inside with ten great books, a lot of paper and a lot of pens; coffee's optional. For others, winter means misery. Especially for singles, the cold months can be particularly lonely and frustrating.

4 Stress Relieving Tips Celebs Use To Deal With Cancer [EXPERT]
Battling cancer doesn't have to be done alone.
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4 Stress Relieving Tips Celebs Use To Deal With Cancer

Tig Notaro’s recent diagnosis of cancer has shown how a celebrity deals with cancer: she talks about it. She has opened up and received support from friends and the world at large. Not all of us have the ability to receive such widespread support. However, there are equally healthy ways that all people afflicted with cancer can cope and maybe even thrive.

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As much as I love cooking, it often leads to this scenario.
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Is Being A Bad Cook A Relationship Dealbreaker?

I have to admit that as much as I love the idea of cooking, it can be exhausting to prepare meals from scratch all the time if you also have a job and a life. Some days, tinkering around in the kitchen feels relaxing, and if you're in a relationship, what's more romantic than cooking up a meal your partner will love? But other times, I just want to read a book or listen to music while munching on takeout.

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According to, Nickelback, Justin Bieber & Lady Gaga are dating dealbreakers.
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Why I Don't Date People Who Listen To Justin Bieber Or Lady Gaga just conducted a study to see which bands are dating dealbreakers. The top three: Nickelback, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. Please note I had to double-check the spelling of the first two, and can't name one by any of those three artists. And yes, the rumors are true: I did stop seeing a guy once because he had Coldplay on his iPod. Why? Because my vagina and ears have standards, that's why.

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What Are The Sexiest Hobbies For Women?

There's nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she's doing, whether it's in a relationship, in bed or with a set of oil paints. Love is so much more than, well, love: It's about sharing common interests, and enjoying activities — hobbies — both together and apart. That's why we're overjoyed that it's Get A Hobby Week over at The Frisky. But can we top their 10 Hobbies Guaranteed To Make Any Woman Sexier list? Yes, we can. Here are the top 10 sexiest hobbies for women, straight from our staff.

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5 Ways To Enjoy Your Post-Breakup Misery

If there's one thing that redeems the whole terrible process of breaking up with someone, it's the potentially fun recovery period afterward. Don't get us wrong: Breakups are a sad, sorry business, and even the cleanest ones entail some kind of annoying consequence or follow-up, like adjusting to an empty bed or having to return that awesome space heater he left at your apartment. The key to making the most of your breakup is engaging in life-affirming activities: little things that will empower you start over and set out into the great unknown (singlehood - eek!) with courage and resilience. Resist binge-drinking, rebound guys or ex sex, and consider these fun post-breakup activities instead:

Ways To Let Go Of An Emotional Love Affair
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Ways To Let Go Of An Emotional Love Affair

Therese Brochard, an author and blogger who focuses on overcoming depression, recently submitted a piece to Huffington Post titled, 12 Ways To Recover From An Emotional Affair. While Brochard's intention was to help happily married folks get over their crushes, we found the tips would work on just about any unrequited infatuation. After all, we all know the cruel trick our psyche plays once we realize the object of our affection doesn't feel the same way: we just fall harder. So while we're huge proponents of following our heart, here's a crash course in outsmarting the romance novel in your head with our favorite five of Brochard's tips. 1.) Schedule your obsessing. 2.) Replace your crush with something else. 3.) Admit you're lonely. 4.) It's all in your head. 5.) Write it out.


Tales Of A Football Fan—And His Wife

My husband, James, is lying in bed, moping because his beloved Green Bay Packers just lost some football game. ?Frankly, I don't get it. Football is okay. I'm as happy as the next person to throw back a few beers and down greasy pizza on Sunday afternoon while watching men in tight pants run across a field. But the fact that James' mood revolves around weekly wins and losses? And that on any given Sunday for five months out of the year, his day can be made or ruined by a scoreboard? It boggles my mind.?? I don't understand why he's so upset. How can a game affect him so personally?? James stares at the ceiling and sighs. ??I'm about to remind him that he's not actually playing on the team he's so distraught over, but the lost puppy dog look he gives me makes me think better of it.??

My Fiancè Rocks and So Do I

"I watched in horror as Fred ripped open the box and began an afternoon jam session with Guitar Hero... I have to say that it's kind of hot to watch him play that plastic guitar."