joaquin phoenix and scarlett johansson.
Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson, lead actors in the Oscar nominated film.

5 Surprisingly Timeless Love Lessons From The Movie 'Her'

There's now an entire generation that will never know love without cell phones. They express affection with smiley-faced graphics — winking and kissy-faced emojis. Our relationships are becoming undeniably entangled with technology. The movie 'Her' takes this idea a step further. The film is set in the not-so-distant future, in a fantasy Los Angeles (where people actually walk to work), but it has plenty of timeless insights about love. Here's what we learned.

Speak Up and Tell Him the Truth!
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Speak Up and Tell Him the Truth!

Don't be afraid to be You and express yourself as you get to know someone. He wants to know! Speak up, be courageous, use your words and have your voice heard! It is so much easier to just be quiet and keep it all in, but does is really serve you? Expressing yourself and having your voice herd is a right not often used. Saying what you actually think is a way to value who you are and what you stand for, so don't sell yourself short! Use your voice and be direct, with Love of course!