Discover Your "Type" (It Really Exists)


helen fisher personality type
In dating and marriage personality type determines who makes a good match, says Helen Fisher.

The personality quiz you developed includes a section where you describe your doodles. How do doodles correspond with your personality?
Going by the personality types, I figured people who are expressive of dopamine would have doodles that are broad, open, energetic, moving, off the page. I also knew that people who have a good deal of seratonin, they're orderly so they'll do a wavy pattern or a repetitive pattern. I figured people who were expressive of estrogen would do hearts and flowers and baby faces and animal faces, and I thought people who were expressive of testosterone would do things that are quite mechanical and geometrical. So I put doodles into the questionnaire and indeed, they all did what I thought they'd do.

Do online dating profiles reflect your personality type?
As it turns out, your profile says a great deal about who you are. My hypothesis was that we would use words that correlated with our chemical personality type, so I did a study of 178,000 people on I picked 170 words that I thought these individuals might use in their descriptions of themselves and their descriptions of what they were looking for in a partner, and indeed, all four types used the kind of words that you would expect from their chemical makeup.


The top word used by the Explorer type was adventure. The other words they used were fun, novel, interesting, travel, open. The foremost word that the Builder used was family. The foremost word that the Director used was intellectual; their other top words were political, debate, geek, nerd. And the foremost word that the Negotiator used was passionate. And indeed those are profoundly basic characteristics of these chemical types. 

What personality types make a bad match?
There's no really bad match, as long as you continue to think this person is the greatest thing on earth. You can sustain any kind of relationship, but I do think that some personality matches are going to have specific kinds of problems.