Two Legendary Cosmo Editors In Exclusive Q&A


Two Legendary Cosmo Editors In Exclusive Q&A
Legendary Cosmo editors Bonnie Fuller and Helen Gurley Brown with advice on sex, love and career.

ANSWER: You can have a serious relationship at work. I have done that, and I know many people who have done that successfully. Watch: Office Dating Rules You May Not Know

10) QUESTION: I'm 45 and my boyfriend is 21. We have a great relationship and we've been dating for over 8 months. Any advice on how I can get him to move in? - Monica Freeman

ANSWER: My personal opinion is that there is too much of a difference in your ages. I wouldn't recommend him moving in with you. I don't think it will end up working out well. You're a woman and he's a boy! Read: Marrying A Much Older Man Made Me A Better Person

11) QUESTION: I'm 29, I'm sweet, caring and attractive. But why can't I find a nice guy who wants to become a family man? - milla

ANSWER: You should be able to find one. But you may have to be a little pushy. If there's a guy you've seen who's a friend of a friend, you need to suggest that your friend fix you up by having a small dinner party so you can meet that man. That's what I did when I wanted to meet the man who is now my husband of almost 50 years. You may also have to call up a guy and be honest. Just say—I wanted to see if you wanted to have lunch one day. Give him a time and place and tell him that you think he SHOULD do it.

12) QUESTION: Can you be friends with benefits and not develop feelings for the guy? - lovefool5457

ANSWER: Yes, I think that's possible for some women—we're all different—but I think it's hard to do because sex is so important, exciting and thrilling. Most women do get involved with a man they're having sex with and can't really maintain that type of relationship. Personally, I only had sex with men I cared deeply about.

13) QUESTION: What work advice would you give a woman who's just starting out today in this lousy economic environment? - jleung531