Two Legendary Cosmo Editors In Exclusive Q&A


Two Legendary Cosmo Editors In Exclusive Q&A
Legendary Cosmo editors Bonnie Fuller and Helen Gurley Brown with advice on sex, love and career.

You may not realize this—but you and Carrie Bradshaw owe Helen Gurley Brown big time! If it wasn't for Helen, the fearless founder and longtime editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, and author of the earth-shattering bestseller, Sex and the Single Girl, you might well be TRAPPED!

TRAPPED in a world filled with now absurd-seeming ideas. Ideas like: you're a slut if you've had pre-marital sex, or if you've had sex with more than one partner, or if you're not married... by the age of 21.

So thank God for Helen, her once-revolutionary ideas and her bold determination to relentlessly articulate a better, more self-fulfilling life for women, which she did in every issue of Cosmo during her thirty-year tenure.

Now, Helen and her enormous—and for the most part unrecognized—contributions to the sexually and mentally liberated lives that you, Carrie, and your friends enjoy, has finally been recognized for her feminism and more, in a recently published bio Bad Girls Go Everywhere: The Life of Helen Gurley Brown, by Jennifer Scanlon.

It's a definite read, if you want some dramatic perspective on just how significantly women's lives have changed in just 60 years. If it wasn't for Helen, who grew up in the female-stifling 1940s and '50s, it's not only Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw who might not exist. There wouldn't be a Michelle Obama either.

Helen, more than any other woman in the world, made it aspirationally OK to be a career woman who could be the equal of any man, including her husband. At a time when most women worked briefly, if at all, before getting hitched and retiring into narrow lives as traditional wives and moms, Helen believed that work in itself was liberating for women. Career And Family: Can We Really Have Both?