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Tales Of A Football Fan—And His Wife

My husband, James, is lying in bed, moping because his beloved Green Bay Packers just lost some football game. ?Frankly, I don't get it. Football is okay. I'm as happy as the next person to throw back a few beers and down greasy pizza on Sunday afternoon while watching men in tight pants run across a field. But the fact that James' mood revolves around weekly wins and losses? And that on any given Sunday for five months out of the year, his day can be made or ruined by a scoreboard? It boggles my mind.?? I don't understand why he's so upset. How can a game affect him so personally?? James stares at the ceiling and sighs. ??I'm about to remind him that he's not actually playing on the team he's so distraught over, but the lost puppy dog look he gives me makes me think better of it.??

A La Carte Memory Loss: New Breakup Rx?
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A La Carte Memory Loss: New Breakup Rx?

American and Chinese researchers working together at a neural research facility in Georgia have discovered that flooding the brain of mice with a particular protein vital to learning and memory retention can selectively erase memory. While the mice are in the process of repeating an activity or encountering a toy they've already seen, simultaneously adding a burst of the protein leaves virtually no memory of the instance orobject. All without otherwise harming brain function.