Healing An Unhappy Childhood
Personal Development Coach: How To Get Over A Painful Childhood
If all else fails, talk to a healing professional.
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How To Help Yourself Leave A Painful & Unhappy Childhood Behind

Moving on from an unhappy childhood is vital in succeeding as an adult, but sometimes it can become difficult. Therapist and YourTango expert Rita Klachkin discusses the three ways you can help yourself move on, from turning to understanding family members to working with a qualified therapist. Read on to learn the ways to know whether you need help moving on and how to get there once you're ready.

Life Coach: Healing An Unhappy Childhood To Be Happy Today
It's time to come to terms with your past experiences.
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Healing An Unhappy Childhood...For An Amazing Adulthood

There comes a time in your life when you must say goodbye to the baggage that belongs to your childhood. This is the time and our experts are here to help. Today marks the first day of our Heal Your Unhappy Childhood intensive and we've organized our life coaches and parenting & relationship experts to help you identify your issues and how to move on to a productive (and happy!) adulthood. Ready, set, GO!