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running dinner party denmark

Single In Denmark: Dinner Dates With A Twist [VIDEO]

Choose a date, cook together for three other couples and then switch it up. Liz Tuccillo investigates "The Running Dinner," a Denmark tradition that's sort of like a singles' pub crawl in people's homes, which allows singles to meet, greet and eat!

single in beijing

Single In Beijing: Sex in "Dis" City

Tuccillo talks to single women about "Sex in Da City," the Chinese version of the NYC-based series. She finds out how both series have changed the way women interact with men in Beijing.

Single In France: The Man's Take

Single In France: The Man's Take [VIDEO]

Tuccillo interviews French teenagers and finds out that life is all about love for men. Men have a tougher time getting over breakups. Men work harder than women to maintain stability in relationships.